Alternatives to Leaving Certificate in Ireland

I have a friend who has not completed Secondary schooling in Ireland, but instead left school (due to understimulance and boredom) after the Junior Cert. Real clever clogs tho, good learner, great retention, very articulate, creative etc.

We were talking about options to get him some qualifications however, cos no matter how clever you are, having a qualification higher than JCert helps.

The options we are aware of are:

  1. Repeat leaving. Same problems as doing the LC course in the first place, too slow paced, takes too much time etc.

  2. Waiting a couple of years and applying as a mature student. Thats pretty good, but a bit too far-off timewise.

  3. LCA or LCVP. The applied and vocational Leaving Certs. They would get him into a few good PLCs, for example at Colaiste Dhulaigh in Coolock, but again seem to demand he completes a course in terms of time, and is at an even less advanced pace than the LC (example question on the final exam for IT is “Which of the following is not a computer, Palmtop, Desktop, Laptop or Monitor?”. One of the practical assignments for the final exam is to send an email.

What other options are available to him? In Sweden there is the 24/4 rule, that is similar to being a mature studen in Ireland. If you are over 24 or have worked fulltime for 4 years, you can for some courses be exempt the LC requirement. I am sure I have that a little assways, but no matter.

Could he take the American SATs or GED and qualify for college in this way? Or some other english speaking countries equivelant?

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