Alternatives to PayPal

I’ve never had any problems with PayPal over the last few years but a potential client hates them. So I’m looking for reccomendations for other services that will allow me to accept credit card payments (preferably with a similar (or better) fee structure than PayPal).


And “thanks,” too. :smack:

I use Kagi, at as my credit card (etc., they take ANYTHING) processor for my internet business. I’ve been happy with them – although I know I could do better than their fee structure, the service has been great. They make foreign currency issues (and VAT, for our unfortunate European friends) go away.

The fee structure depends on the average transaction costs. If you’re charging $5 at a time, it will be very, very high, percentage-wise. If you’re charging a few hundred, you won’t notice it.

If its applicable , ie you both live in the states , check your local banks website and tell him as well.

One thing that I was pleasantly surprised to find is that I can send money to anyone in canada using what the bank calls an atm over the internet. The idea works similar to paypal, in that your client logs into his banks online section and clicks on the link and adds your email link. You get the email , open it and it gives you instructions on how to claim the money if your bank has a reciprocal arrangement, the only fee should be the normal atm fee that you pay at a bank.


We used NoChex ( ) briefly, but we’ve switched to PayPal so I can’t give you too much up to date information on them. They were fairly easy to set up and all the test transactions went through easily but there was a £100 limit on transactions.

I will unrecommend BidPay, which appears to be a subsidiary of Western Union. One eBay experience (from the bidder’s point of view) vastly increased my appreciation for PayPal.