Alternatives to audio (MP3, other) to SRT subtitle convertion transcription tool

I Want to know if there are any free tools as alternative to audio to srt conversion tools. Many places have long lists, most show a quote box. Are there any free tools to do a 70 minute audio (MP3 or other) to SRT text file for adding subtitles to vidieo media?

Since you’ve nott gotten any replies, I’ll give the one thing that came to mind for me: convert the MP3 to a video, and either upload it to YouTube or try out Chrome’s new Live Captioning feature which you can enable in its accessibility settings. Heck, the rlatter might work with the MP3 directly.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if you’ll be able to easily get obtain rthe results as separate text. But at least you could see if Google’s engine would work to transcribe your audio. If so, then there is probably some API that would get you access. Or, heck, I believe there are subtitle downloaders for YouTube videos.

BTW, do note you can upload a video to YouTube as private, but that its copyright bots will still check it.

Thanks for answering. Some answers around this topic of transcription are difficult. Lots of how-tos but mostly pay as you go. Looking at Sonix; for a good completion I would pay up to the dollar amount needed for the job if quoted correctly. Other thing I cannot get an answer to is: what about do-overs if you have a system crash and the job doesn’t complete? I haven’t found clear explanations to much of it.

As to performance, produced a good sample for me in the trial with fewer steps than other similar programs such as Otter.