Aluminum cans - any risk?

A friend drinks about 24 cans of club soda per day. Is she putting herself in any longterm risk because of the aluminum in the cans? (Or should she be more concerned about the sodium)? She doesn’t like to drink it out of plastic bottles.

Any thoughts?

The cans are lined. I doubt there’s any measurable exposure to aluminum.

She should be more worried about going broke. Club soda’s one of those flavors that never seems to go on sale.

That, and exploding if she forgets to burp. :smiley:

As for the coating, the best I can come up with is that it’s generally an organic epoxy-based material and is there to protect the can from the contents. Not to protect the contents or the consumer from the can. Uncoated cans will corrode and leak in a matter of hours, otherwise.

What’s the latest on the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease?

Okay thanks - I wasn’t aware there was a liner.

What about the top of the can - is that drinking hole lined too?

I definitely notice a big difference in the taste of pop (soda) if it has come from a can - it’s disgusting and tinny. I can’t even drink it that way anymore, it makes my teeth ache!

Unless I am blind, I don’t see anything in that link about pop cans?

I like beer in cans, not as heavy when you take the garbage out. Other than that, I can’t

It covers the dangers of aluminum in general, of which pop cans are a subset.