Aluminum or fiberglass ladders. Why?

The Fire Inspector was here a few days ago and told the Maintenance Department that they could not have aluminum ladders in the building so they had to get rid of the old ladders and buy new fiberglass ones. No one seems to know why fiberglass is OK but aluminum is not. Can someone enlighten me and I’ll tell Maintenance (isn’t this something they should already know?).

Aluminum conducts electricity; fiberglass does not. If they are used around lighting, etc. then the fire code usually says they must be “non-conducting.”

Fiberglas isn’t an electrical conductor.

You work around live electrical wires and equipment?

The folks who maintain the building should know that already. That building was constructed before many codes in this area came into effect, but I’m sure they understand how electricity works.

No sprinklers in this multi-level retirement home, water pipes set in poured concrete walls, the main vacuum-tube telephone switchboard croaking alongside someone’s half-assed attempt at networking 'puters still running Win95 for accounting, and I suspect you already knew the answer before you asked this question.

Your boss is an idiot, who simply won’t care about safety until she gets nailed by OSHA, or dies of old age.

That’s no way to talk to your mom, Darth. :wink:

Well, it’s true, Desmos.
Her boss is a wrongful death lawsuit just waiting for a hungry lawyer. From out of town, he would have to be.