Alvin And The Chip....People?

The redesigned “Alvin And The Chipmunks” are off-putting. They look half human, like rejects from the Island of Dr. Moreau. Human hands and feet look weird on them.

Yikes. Forget about the hands and feet, the tails on what are now basically human children are extremely creepy.

I would never recognized them as The Chipmunks. They look like human kids with tails.
Kind of like The Littles.

If all you had was a close-up of “Alvin’s” face, would you be able to guess who he was?


They’ve been re-running this on one of the kids channels and I’ve decided that this show has to be one of the worst shows for kids ever made. Seriously if this show is supposed to help kids learn positive life lessons they failed miserably.

If you think this is bad watch the Alvin animated cartoon that introduces the Chipettes. Talk about uncanny valley.

Yet somehow those Chipettes had a good-sized fandom, judging by all the Rule 34 stuff I skimmed past in a Usenet group.

A brown stripe on the nose does not a rodent make.

Should I/we be concerned about someone with your username having these interests? :wink:

IOW, great username / post combos both of them.

I’m still dealing with the fallout from when someone linked to a video which slowed down an old Chipmunks song, revealing…several male troubadours singing in (normal) harmony.

This is madness.

how in fuck are those chipmunks?

but it will get you a job on the Presidents legal team!

This is actually a well-known trope, where animated characters subtly become more human over time. Best exeplified by Arthur the Aardvark, who completely lost his snout.

[Won’t display here directly for some odd reason]

Happened to Garfield too of course.

Wait, Arthur is an aardvark? I always thought he was supposed to be a mouse!

No. Just no.

I’m ok with the “cuter” Arthur characters. It’s fun seeing the look on the face of a kid the first time they see the first couple of Arthur books, though.

I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t think they look any more human than they did in the cartoon. I remember the outcry when they made them look more like real chipmunks in the movie.

I guess it’s the hair not being flesh colored? Other than that, they have the same mostly human face but with the chipmunk nose, just like the 1980s cartoon.

The cartoon picture you posted also has smaller ears and bigger cheeks, dark noses, and brownish faces. At least, for the three main (male) characters: Even then, the Chipettes looked a lot more human than the boys.

I agree with @Chronos, but also you posted a still of hand-drawn animation. The OP is a still of CGI. Hand-drawn animation, for me and I suspect for the vast majority of people, rarely if ever enters the uncanny valley. It’s stylized. It’s probably possible to get uncanny valley effects for photorealistic hand drawn art, but not for the kind of Saturday morning cartoon art in your example. CGI, on the other hand, frequently plummets deep into the uncanny valley, and the OP’s example is pretty far down there for me.