Always Hungry, Always Eating, No Weight Gain

All right, I know this is a problem that many people wish they had, but I’m actually trying to put on weight (I’m 5’10", 150 lbs) so maybe putting this out there will help.

I am almost always hungry. What I mean is, I can eat a full steak dinner that makes me feel so full I want to throw up, but then about an hour later, I am extremely hungry again whereas the people who ate just as much as I did aren’t anywhere near hungry. I eat at least five times a day, taking in no less than 4000 calories a day. I once counted my calories for one day, which actually resulted in me eating more, and it added up to over 6000 calories. Yet, I weighed myself the next morning and was still at my stable 150 pounds. I am not a very active person; I’m very laid back. How is it that I can eat so much food day after day and not get past my 150-pound plateau? I workout with weights four times a week (no cardio; not needed) and my muscles are noticeably getting bigger, yet my weight is stuck at 150 (I’ve tried several different scales, so I know mine isn’t broken).

I guess my main question is, what is up with my appetite? Why am I always hungry? And why can I eat so much without putting on any weight? By the way, I only go #2 once a day, so I know all that food isn’t going to waste (no pun). Come to think of it, as I sit here typing this out, I’m chowing down on a big plate of pasta. Oy. Food’s too expensive.

My orbit is a bit sloppier than yours, but I have the same problem. I go from 155-165 month to month, and never look a bit thinner or heavier. I take in pure fat, sugar, carb, protein, and grease, and I don’t gain or lose anything. And I never move, either.


I got the exact same problem. What I figure it is is a really, really, really, (etc) fast metabolism. Even if you’re doing weights that much with no cardio, you’re roasting energy and upping your metabolism even more. I tried one of those protein drink weight gainer deals once, and managed to put on and keep about 10 lbs, but that was it. I’ve been a stable 175 ever since. We’re stuck like this for a while, my friend.
The problem is, once we get a little older, the old metabolism is naturally gonna slow down. And since our bodies are so used to burning this stuff away so fast, it’s gonna start accumulating around the middle. You’ll gain weight, but not the way you want. So keep up that exercise, and add in some cardio…
If anyone can come up with any more tips (I’ve tried EVERYTHING…) I’ll be glad to give it a shot… Quagdop, maybe? :smiley: Helped me out before, he did…

I would visit my doctor and tell him what you posted. You may just have a really high metabolism. But he’ll probably want to rule out things like diabetes and thyroid disorders.

If everything checks out, you may want to try changing your diet to include more protein and/or more carbohydrates.

I’ve found that Thin Mints are guaranteed to add 5 pounds to my figure.



Opal wanders off to eat another box of cookies and gain another 10 lbs

Don’t make me decide that my aerobic exercise for the day is slapping your sorry ass around.

Off to chop wood…

I have the exact same problem and people are constantly giving me shit for it. Like I can control it. :rolleyes: Mostly I get crap from people because I’ve had two kids and am still the same size/weight that I was before having them. All I can attribute this to is me having a very high metabolism. I don’t exercise and I don’t watch what I eat and I eat tons of food!

I have a friend who went to the doctor because she needed to gain weight and they gave her some kind of shake to drink that was supposed to help. She also followed a special diet. She did gain some weight but I don’t remember how much. I would suggest going to a doctor and asking if there is something they can give you that will help you gain weight… surely there’s something a doctor can do to help.

After spending most of my life at a plateau between 150 and 155, I’ve finally gotten up to 175. Hooray! I’m 6’2", so I looked rather emaciated at 150. Getting up to 175 seems to have been a combination of several factors: getting older, I’m 31, getting excercise, and slightly modifying my diet. My father is in exactly the same boat, stuck at 165 since he was 18…

Sliv, are you my long-lost twin?

Well, if y’are, we must’ve been born a few months apart, I’m 32. In college, people used to make fun of me - "Uh, don’t open that umbrella, it’s a little windy doncha think?


I was 6’2" 145 from high school through law school, stayed that way 'til about 28, then over the next three years gradually gained another 30 lb to where I am now. And now I actually have to be a little bit careful about what I eat.

I’m also a lot more comfortable about life. The 20s are stressful, I’m glad they’re over. I suspect that may be part of why my metabolism seems slower.

Seriously, are you of northern European descent also? I’m mostly Scandinavian and German, typical reedy type.

hmmm… Let me think while I shake in fury…I mean… share your pain. The horror…the horror.

Like the others have said, see a doc. If all is okay and it’s just a fast metabolism… <wiping away a tear> Try skipping breakfast. Just as in dieting, you want to eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism, skipping it can slow it down for the day. If that doesn’t work, might I suggest the Ho-Ho and Ding-Dong diet. One Ho-Ho equals a dress size for me for a month, so get a case of em and live exclusively on luscious cream filling and silky, velvety fudge and the moist richness of the cake. I hope you CHOKE on them!!!

:smiley: :smiley:

Shut up.

weeping, remembering that she USED to be the same way…

Oh, I loooove Ding Dongs. They taste best with milk and during a chick movie… seriously. I don’t know why.

OneChance: Your inability to gain weight is nothing compared to my adolescent self. During my teens I weighed between 140 and 150 pounds, not too bad for someone six feet two inches tall. The scale at the mall told me I was at least 60 pounds underweight. I was so underweight that I couldn’t exercise for more than a couple hours at a time, because I didn’t have any fat to burn–that killed my chances of making the starting five of my basketball team. And I put away food like Mr. Creosote to no avail.

Time, American food, and Middle Age, will eventually catch up with you. I now weigh a more believeable 180 pounds, and I’m putting on weight at the rate of about five pounds a month.

I’m not sure what it is with me - I don’t get the hunger thing. I generally don’t eat much at all at any time. Usually one meal a day, sometimes two, never more thant hat (though I do snack on junk a lot).

But I have never gained weight in my whole life. I weigh the same as I did when I was 13. I suspect I will still be the same when I’m 60. (Assuming I live that long).

I don’t mind about my weight - though I do wonder if others pass judgement on me because of it.

I have the same thing. It used to be that if I ate a candy bar I’d seem to gain 5 pounds. Now I’m almost always in a search for food, scouring the barren fridge for something to devour. It took me 2 months of eating food constantly to gain 5 pounds (I’m 6’3". 175 lbs). I want to get at least 180, but I can’t seem to reach it…

I think I’ll see my doctor soon about this. I’ve always considered it, and finally I guess I’ll see what he has to say. He’ll probably think I’m crazy and give me some sugar pills to shut me up.

Some of you said that maybe with age my metabolism will slow down or weight will be easier to put on. But I’m 28 and still can’t put weight on. And if my parents are any indication, then it will always be hard for me to gain weight. My mom is 60, has had 9 kids, and she looks like she’s in her 40’s with no kids. It seems like she’s always eating something. And my dad eats eggs and bacon and lots of other fattening foods, and he never gains weight.

I see this turning into a lifelong struggle. Oh well, I’ve got nothing else to do. :slight_smile:

I lead a VERY sedentary life (9 hours a day sitting at a desk at work, 8 sleeping, and the rest hanging out around the house, the most exercise I ever get is when I go with my wife to the grocery store. I eat a LOT (a trip to Taco Bell usually costs me at least $7), and I stay around the same weight, 280-290 lbs. (I’m 6’5"). I’m definitely not underweight, but I’d think I’d weigh even more considering how much I take in and how little exercise I get, and I used to eat a LOT more than I do now and I stayed the same weight.