Always owning vs. now showing

Why is it that people will watch movies on TV when they own the video? Or want to watch a movie and don’t even bother looking at their videos and just pick out something on TV even if they own the movie that they pick out? What is the source of this irrational behavior?

[ul][li]Commericals give them a chance to go to the head.[/li][li]They don’t have to worry about rewinding them.[/li][li]They forgot they had the video.[/li][li]Too lazy to get off the couch.[/li][li]They are actually asleep.[/li][li]They don’t know how to operate the VCR.[/ul][/li]:wally

They like the movie. They like the movie so much they own it. Therefore, when they flip past it on TV, they say, “Oooh, oooh, I love this movie” and watch it. Given TV these days, it is very unlikely that there is something on that is better than a favorite movie!

Why go to all the trouble of putting in the tape when the movie is already on TV?

I bet this is headed to IMHO soon.

Anyway, I know I watch a favorite movie on TV for a few reasons:

  1. Sometimes, I won’t have access to my DVD collection, but I want to watch the movie.

  2. It allows me to complain about TV edits (witness the TV version of Mallrats or Office Space.)

  3. A favorite movie is always worth watching.