Am I a complete bitch? (long-ish)

I kicked my roommate’s dog out. Normally, I would call myself a bitch for doing that, but there’s more to the story. I’d be interested in hearing what more objective people have to say about this.

In June, I moved into a two-bedroom apartment, with hopes of finding a roommate quickly. For the record, I have a dog, a shephard mix, female, six years old at the time and sweet as pie.
The search for a roommate lasted longer than I thought it would.
Then one day in late July, this nice woman about my age came to look at the place with her friend. She mentioned to me that she had a dog, a maltese who was at her parent’s house but who she wanted to have come live with her.
I had advertised for no other dogs, unsure of how crowded the apartment would be. But since maltese dogs are rather small, I thought I’d take a chance. I asked her if her dog was good. She assured me that her dog was very good.
The first month goes by, the dog shits on every rug in the place, pisses on them too. She also barks at me every time I enter the aprtment, and every time I even get up in the morning. “Its OK,” I tell myself, “she’s just adjusting.”
Second month, same shit. Plus while dog-sitting, the dog bites me. HARD. Blood and everything. I tell my roommate upon her return that I will not dog-sit for her again. But still, I think, “She’s just upset because her master was gone.”
But by now, I am suspecting that a fast one has been pulled on me.
Month three, the dog is still pissing and shitting in the house, only now she does it exclusively in my bedroom. My roommate does not seem to care when this happens. I insist she has the carpets cleaned. She does so. One day my friends come over, bringing their one-year old daughter. The maltese goes nuts! She literally wants to kill the child. So my roommate holds her in her lap, barking and struggling and nipping and baring her teeth at a one-year-old! Since she doesn’t put the dog in her room, my friends become uncomfortable and leave.
Early one Sunday morning, I am slightly hung over and sleeping in. At around 9 AM the landlord stops by to look at something. The dog starts barking and does not stop until I get up and ask my roommate to put the dog in her room and close the door. She says it won’t help, but then does so anyway. The barking stops in about two minutes.
Early December. The dog pisses in my room again. It’s 11 pm, and my roommate has gone to bed. I am so angry that I get her up to show her. She says “Oh” and goes back to bed, leaving me to clean it up. That night I lay awake, listening to my heart have palpitations. I decide that this must stop.
So I leave her a note explaining that I think she should consider taking the dog back to live at her parents house, that I can see no solution for the myriad of problems her dog has created.
She flips out. Totally freaks. She shouts at me not to worry, that the dog is going in three weeks, when she goes to visit her parents for Christmas. She acts like I gave her an ultimatum, which I never did. I point this out, she doesn’t reply.
Over the next three weeks, I begin to feel bad. If anyone told me I had to get rid of my dog I know what I’d tell them. I feel sorry for her. I begin to think that maybe there’s something we can do, like get pee-pee pads, etc. But then I think, I never saw one iota of effort from this girl regarding this situation. If she wants to work with me, let her come to me and say something. She never does, and come Christmas, the dog is gone.
It is peaceful now. I am much much happier with that horrible creature gone. My roommmate however, can barely look me in the eye or speak to me.

So, am I a bitch? Or was I right in letting the dog go?

If this was me, the dog would have been out when it bit me. But I *am * a bitch so that’s not much to go by. :wink:

The dog was violent and not adapting to the living situation. And it’s not like it didn’t have a home with her parents.

You did right. And now your roommate thinks you’re a bitch. Such is life. For what it’s worth, your roommate sounds like an idiot. Hopefully she’s not as mean as her dog.

Good Luck.

Yeah, the really ironic thing is that she just passed the California State Bar Exam, making her an attorney, and she got this letter in the mail from the state, saying that she possessed the “morals and ethics required” to be a lawyer in California!!!
Considering that she:

  1. Applied for the room when I had specified no pets
  2. Lied to me and told me her dog was good, and
  3. Did nothing about any of the horrible things her dog has done…
    I would have to agree, she certainly seems like aperfect lawyer! :slight_smile:

I think you’re in the right here.

But how does the dog keep getting in your room? Why not just close the door?

I actually tried to keep the door to my room closed, but I’m human, so I couldn’t keep it closed ALL the time. I swear if I left it open for even one minute that little @##@ would sneak in. Also, locking the maltese out of room means locking my dog out of my room, something that wasn’t popular with me or my dog.
Even when my roommate was walking her dog in the morning and twice in the evening, including me letting the dog out when I came home, she would still go in and pee on my carpet. I honestly think the dog was doing it deliberately.

You sound reasonable enough to me - in your place, I’d have wanted rid of the dog’s owner as well.

no, you aren’t. you certainly went above and beyond.

the roommate’s furry friend may be one for all i know, you didn’t mention the wee furball’s gender.

Were you a bitch? No, a thousand times no! Heavens! It tried to attack a one year old child? The dog would have been out seconds afterwards had it been me. Let your room mate read these words if you want, I don’t mind.

Hey, room mate of Ghanima You need to take yourself, and your horrid little dog to obedience school. One day you will end up with a huge lawsuit against you if you do not learn how to discipline your dog, and teach it how to properly behave! Even the ASPCA will euthanize animals like that if the are brought in to their centers. I’ve seen such cases on Animal Planet’s show “Animal Cops”. They consider such animals to be “unadoptable”. Think long, and hard, then take the appropriate action. Good luck with obedience school.

Good luck Ghanima

Bitch? Pushover is more like it!

If it had been me that dog would have been out the first month, as soon as it became clear it wasn’t going to learn to make weewee outside! I can’t see paying good money for a place to live while letting some flearidden animal destroy it at the same time.

Especially peeing. Blech!!! There’s nothing nastier, IMO, than a carpet with spots saturated with dog pee. I actually get mad when I see it, I’ve seen beautiful rugs I’d love to have that people have let their dogs RUIN. Ever tried to get dog pee out of a carpet? Unless you get to it right away, it’s there forever, IME.

Egads. I can’t believe you put up with as much as you did!

I would have kicked out that dog after it bit me. Hell, I would have kicked out that dog so hard that you would’ve heard a sonic boom. I’d have kicked out the roommate as well. I guess I don’t play well with others. :smiley:

Good thing she passed the bar exam. She’ll be needing her “skills” when she gets sued for having a biting dog.

You’ve done nothing wrong and shouldn’t fall for her guilt trip. She is responsible for bringing up her dog as a nasty little creature and not making any effort to do anything about it.

I hope you and your dog are recovering nicely from this ordeal. :slight_smile:

I’m a dog person myself, and I have to say, the first time that little monster pee’d on the floor and the owner didn’t clean it up it would have been out of there. What would she have done if you weren’t there, just keep letting it pee all over and leave it?

No way, and I would have bounced the roommate too. I had a roomie in college who came home one day with a dog that he’d bought on impulse from a petstore. It was several months past the cute puppy stage and was on sale. Awwww… NOT. It was never housebroken (not that he was trying to actually, you know… train it), and I came back from class one day to find poop smeared all over everything including the walls. The whole house reeked of it. The dog also had separation anxiety and would bark nonstop from the moment he was alone until someone came back. Not good in an apartment. My other roommate and I finally kicked them both out. Never regretted it.

Have you never thought about showing that dog who’s Boss?

There must be a moment your roommate is out of the house and you are alone with that dog?

You take the dog into your room, close the door and kick him hard. after you have hit him a few times, open the door.

He will never dare to enter your room again, let stand piss or bark at you.

This may look cruel but the reason the dog acts the way he does has everyting to with dominance. The dog is dominating you. You must prove the dog once you are in charge, not him. Believe it or not but once you have set the record straight about dominance, the dog will come to you and be nice to you.

ps : make sure she does not catch you or she will sue you :slight_smile:

Can a person who uses “myriad” correctly be a bitch?

Seriously, if your representations are accurate, then you are way on the other side of being a bitch. If you put up with a month of the dog not being house-trained, then you have gone above and beyond reasonable accomodations.

I realize most people will take this post for what it is, but I couldn’t let it go without saying that is completely the wrong way to train a dog. I’m not going to even go into detail, there are so many things wrong with kicking a dog in order to ‘show him who’s boss.’ It does not work, it does not teach the dog a lesson about dominance, it does not housetrain the dog.

To the OP: I love dogs too but this dog would have been out of my place a lot sooner! This owner sounds like a real prize.

As for him peeing only in your room ,I wonder if he smelled your dog in there and was marking? Still no excuse for it though, I’m just speculating. If I were you I’d be looking for a new roommate too, it sounds like she has no respect for your stuff or the place, either.

I’ll agree this far with sportshoe: that it sounds like the Maltese was trying to establish who’s boss, by thoroughly marking its territory. You, your dog, and every visitor to the house were intruders to be repelled at all costs. My gut feeling is that the Maltese may not have started life as a psycho, but has been allowed by its humans to turn into a monster.

Given that, there probably isn’t much hope of reforming the little wretch. I’m amazed you let the situation go on as long as it did – I’m another that would hvae tossed out the dog in a month. And probably the roomie, too – she sounds like an irresponsible, self-centered jerk.

You didn’t say whether roomie is planning to move out any time soon. For your sake, I hope so. Just be warned: if you try to evict her, she’s likely to turn all her newly acquired lawyerly skills against you, you heartless beast, you! Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if she sued you for emotional distress.

There are two bitches involved here Ghanima, but you’re not one of them. You are far more tolerant than I would be. Good luck.

I read the OP until the dog started its shitting…then I threw it out.

No, you are not being bitchy or unreasonable in any way. Yes, this is a dominance issue with this little dog. No, kicking it is not an appropriate or effective way to establish dominance. Kicking the dog would just teach it that you are indeed a threat, and it was right to bite you, so it’s going to redouble its efforts in that department.

This sort of problem is woefully common in small dogs. They’re little, and their owners think they’re cute and harmless, so they never get corrected effectively about anything. That sort of handling turns a dog into a furry little tyrant who has teeth and doesn’t hesitate to use them whenever something displeases it in any way. It bites the vet, it bites visitors, it bites random children who get too close, it bites the freakin’ owner. If I had a dollar for every time an owner had told me “Oh, he’s awful, he bites us all the time,” I could buy a new Mercedes. If you added in five bucks for every time this statement was accompanied by a giggle (what kind of moron thinks a biting dog is funny?), I could buy a fleet of them.

For my money, that little dog would have gone to puppy boot camp, or would have worn a basket muzzle and a diaper whenever it was out of the owner’s room, and that policy would have gone into effect as soon as I got back from the doctor’s office (for antibiotics and a tetanus booster) after it bit me. If the owner didn’t like it, she could take the dog she’d ruined and get the hell out of my apartment.

Well, you guys are certainly making me feel a whole lot better about this. After getting the Pariah Treatment from my roommate and her friends, I was starting to wonder if I’d done the right thing. Huzzah!
The reason I tolerated it for as long as I did was because I really am a dog lover, and I hoped that the situation would improve to the benefit of us all. But clearly that was a pipe dream. I have been worried that my roomie is looking for new places to live without informing me, but since she is on the lease, she can’t get away that easily. I even told her that if she wanted to move out, that was fine, as long as she continued to pay rent until a new tenant was found. But to be honest, I think she’s secretly enjoying it. The dog doesn’t bark and wake her up when I go pee in the middle of the night anymore, nor does it wake her up in the morning when I get up before her. She no longer has to come home straight from work to take care of her dog, she can spend the night at friend’s houses without worrying, and now when she travels she doesn’t have to find a dog sitter.
The WORST part of all this is the two or three -times-per-week phone call that I must endure listening to, where her mother puts the dog ON THE PHONE:

[high-pitched, squealy loud voice] “Oh, Daisy, mommy MISSES YOU! Be a good girl for mommy! I love you , Daisy! Ohhhhhhh, good girl, GOOD GIRL! I miss you SSOOOOOOO much!!!”, etc. etc.

I think this is meant to induce guilt, but since I am a heartless wench, I am unmoved. AHAHAHAHA! Ooops, did I just type that out loud?

Thank all for your support, this is much cheaper than therapy! :slight_smile: