Am I a hard-core lefty, like I tell people?

That puts you on the left.

That puts you on the radical left.

Neither statement says anything about whether you are liberal.

So that’s one vote for "You’re a hard-core lefty, like you tell people’

Yep lefty!

Whether you ever told queer jokes or stepped on ants or voted Republican is irrelevant.

I noticed that myself. Then I re-read the actual instruction, that directed me to

Sure, it sacrifices some nuance when it comes down to analyzing your overall “score,” but what can you expect from a five-minute categorization survey? It’s not very plausible that the final label you get will be completely wrong.

I think it’s mostly the fact that most Democratic party politicians in the US are Centrist or Conservative, not actually Liberal.

No, the alternative is that everybody SHOULD get the best healthcare that exists, and BETTER (or less good) healthcare shouldn’t be an option.

Note the SHOULD, above. It’s aspirational, not necessarily practical.

You ain’t just whistling Dixie (or whatever you Brits whistle. “The White Cliffs of Dover,” or something, I guess), sister!

Some people are just determined to declare themselves more nuanced than some stupid quiz. I think this is mostly a matter of going into a quiz saying “You think you can slap a label on me with your stupid quiz? I’ll show you!”

Do you consider the current global economic system broadly capitalist?

You said in the OP that you “have no interest” in the formal investigation of premises such as this.

It’s not clear why you would reject OR support any premise in a field in which you have no interest in how conclusions are reached. The best position with respect to something that bores you is “no opinion”.

I meant to imply that I normally have no interest in the matter, but it just now struck me as curious, so I’m asking. I still don’t have a lot of interest, or a lot of clarity either. it seems to be a strange indefinable subject.

Oh you’re totally a Ravenclaw, I can tell.

Like I have the slightest fucking clue what a Ravenclaw is.

Have you been living in the remote Amazon jungle without an internet connection for the past 20 years? :wink:

I think it’s more the problem of trying to lump a complex and multidimensional set of political opinions together on a single scale.

Apparently so. And Googling “Ravenclaw” is useless. I’m, what, supposed to be some kind of Harry Potter character? Save me, merciful Jesus.

The idea is it’s designed to be a quick, shorthand way to get you approximated on a sliding scale, allowing for the inadequacy of specific questions to accomplish that modest goal for every individual, not to define your politics definitively with an iron-clad guarantee of absolute precision. if you thought that’s what you were getting with a five -minute quiz, I have some property that might might be right for your budget.

I’ll just repeat someone else’s comment:

So, is Ravenclaw from the Harry Potter books or what?

Sorry, I’ve been away in the jungle.

And I will repeat myself again: I didn’t invite anyone to take a fucking thing.

It is very plausible that I get a different score every time I take the test.

Core Conservative
New Era Enterprisers
Market Skeptic Republican

I’ve taken the test four times since it was linked to. There are only four or five out of seventeen questions where I have to pick between two choices I kind of agree with equally. As a result, I guess my answers are inconsistent. My ideology on the graph is anywhere from “consistently liberal” to slightly left of “mixed” to midway between “mixed” and “consistently conservative”.

It also never matches the group I am assigned to (???). I am apparently either the most left leaning core conservative, or the most left leaning new era enterpriser, or the most left leaning of market skeptic republicans…


HOLY CRAP!!! You mean the test gives you different results when you enter different answers into it? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!