Am I a hard-core lefty, like I tell people?

Back on topic, given your posts in this topic I consider you to be a ‘hard-core lefty’.

I’m fine with destroying the state if it gets us closer to equitable distribution of resources.

I have no problem with the violent overthrowal of the state

the one lesson I’ve learned is that if you try to do it too gradually, too “reasonably”, it never gets done, so I’m more focused on what giant steps can we take now to improve wealth distribution for the people living today. Fuck the long-range future. That’s bullshit.

My rationale,


I agree with you, Max, but not everyone does. What shall we do about them?

What else can you do, except talk to them directly?



The odd part is that the thing that you are seeing as my most radical lefty quality, my desire to get things fixed NOW!!!, is actually in conflict with the real hard-core lefties I know, who seem content to wait a few more generations (like 10 or 20 generations) and a few fascist dictatorships, so we might get a real revolution of the oppressed and the outraged, whereas I want to most radical change that is feasible now, which they consider weak and lame and a big nothingburger.

They aren’t here to discuss with, so I’m not giving their opinions any weight.


But I see their point. Don’t you? In the big picture, does it matter if we get slightly less sucky health-care, or a 1% shift in the tax burden from the under-$50,000s to the over-$1,000,000,000s? That’s what seems feasible right now, and that’s what I’m pushing for, but what difference does it make? I want a total restructuring of society, doesn’t scare me an iota, but so what? I’m still a wishy-washy ameliorist liberal, aren’t I?

No. My definition of ‘hard-core lefty’ is totally at odds with the position you present on behalf of ‘real hard-core lefties’.