Am I doing something to break these iPods?

Im getting very paranoid about my ipod using habits and or my computer as this is the third time I’ve had one die…

My first pod i bough used off my friend, lasted a month then died…would not mount or get recognized by the computer…it was under warranty tho so we had it sent bad and fixed etc…

Then the second on broke with a similar thing…a lot of hard drive clicking ad whirring…wont mount…this time it was after warranty so i was SOL

I just bought a 30 gig video…and 3 days in same thing…wont mount, hard drive clicking etc…

For the first 2 I didn’t have a case but for this one i bought a iskin for it…It remains in my pocket most of the time…is that bad?

Im curious if im wasting my time with iPods here if there is something in my computer that just keeps breaking them, or do I just have bad luck?

They seem to be moisture sensitive.
Mine “broke” after a night time jog. :frowning:

Are you safely ejecting them? If you just unplug them, their file system can be corrupted.

that may have something to do with it…it was ulttra hot yesterday…and it was in my pants and when i took it out the front of the case was a little damp
I play it by the book for unplugging and what not…I really take good care of it :frowning:

i hope mactech has some ideas on this :confused:

I sent mine through the wash the other month, a few days dry time and it worked like a charm.

A reply from the co-inventor of the iPod:

I dont get that :confused:

I left mine in the car overnight last winter and the next day it decided it would no longer play or store songs. Still doesn’t work. iPods are trash.

What don’t you understand?

do you kow the co inventor? are you the co inventor :slight_smile:

(i hope that reply didn’t sound saucy, it wasen’t meant too!)

My brother is the co-inventor of the iPod.

thats pretty amazing, the thing is i have too much music :frowning:

Ipod Armor.

Not surprising. The specs specify a non-operating temperature range of -4[sup]o[/sup] to 113[sup]o[/sup]F, which I think is typical for consumer electronics.

hmm i dont think i hit temperatures that intense…

I dont know if i need something that extreme, i have the iskin and i really am quite gentle with it :frowning:

percussion, what happened to your apostrophe, period, and shift keys? I don’t think those are working either.

Any portable device with a hard drive in it is going to have a non-zero failure rate, but you seem to be exceeding the statistical probability by quit a bit.
Seeing as all your iPods have failed in a very similar manner, I’d look around your environment and see if there’s something that’s inimical to hard drives. I wouldn’t think moisture would be a problem as hard drives are hermetically sealed (unless you’ve been jogging in rainstorms or something like that). The big enemies of hard drives are vibration and magnetism. Any chance that you’ve been resting your iPod on your computer’s sub-woofer while you download music? Do you jog with your iPod or subject it to a lot of vibration? Got any other magnetic or electronic doo-dads in your pocket that might be causing a problem? (Are you a tech in a MRI lab or a Tokamak fusion reactor?)

A friend of mine had the same problem with his iPod. I think he went through 2 of them. At the time, he was using an older PC laptop with USB 1 ports. Apparently the slower speed of USB 1 (rather than USB 2) spells doom for iPod hard drives, or so the tech guy at the Apple store told him. Using USB 2 now and no more problems. Something to check on, at least.

I use FireWire for mine just to be safe, and I’ve had it for almost 2 years now with no problems.