Am I endangering my health by drinking Pepsi One?

So, I’ve just read a lot of really scary articles suggesting I’m exposing myself to high levels of a carcinogen named 4-MeI by drinking Pepsi One. But I’ve also read that this chemical is linked to reducing (?!) cancer in mice. There seems to be a lot of contradictory information. Here is a typical article:

I’ve been a big drinker of this soda since my teens. I drink at least a few cans a day. What are the chances that I am putting myself at risk of cancer by drinking this?

They’re still assessing the risk, according to the State of California.

But… considering that caramel coloring has been made and used for a LONG time in soft drinks, I personally think that if there was a noticeable cancer risk from them due to 4-MEI, then it would probably have come to light by now, considering the sheer volume they’re consumed in, and the huge number of people who consume them.