Am I feeding my hamster enough? Too much?

I give him 2 of the big Forti-Diet pellets (1/2" thick and 1/2-5/8" long) plus a bit of fresh vegetable (broccoli, carrot, etc) at night, and then 2 pellets plus a few pumpkin seeds in the morning (he takes them to bed and snacks during his daytime slumber). I also occasionally give him a little Forti-Diet berry puff or Healthy Bits seed treat. And every other week I give him a big juicy cricket.

Enough? Too much?

When I was 12 I remember giving my Sammy huge piles of seed, which he would cram in his cheeks and devour. But I also remember him being a little bit fat.

I’m trying to give Hammy what he needs and not too much.


Whatever you do, don’t take any advice from SDMB Admins or Mods. What they feed our hamsters doesn’t seem to be the best of diets.

When you clean out his cage, how much food are you finding? Hamsters store food. If there is no food hidden in the bedding, you are not feeding him enough. If there is a lot of stored food, probably too much.

This, exactly.

Duh- I guess I could’ve figured it out from this. I usually find no leftover veggies/treats and half a pellet. Sounds like for right now I’m giving him exactly enough.

More pellets.