Am I going to die?

The CO[sub]2[/sub] tank at work was leaking tonight. I didn’t discover it until we were about to leave, it was probably going for a good several hours though beforehand. When I went back to check the back door, the tank was covered in a white icelike frost. The warning labels all made it sound really serious, that you should evacuate the building, etc. I called my boss to see what I should do about it, and he told me to just leave a note for the opening manager. I’m home now, and all dizzy and lightheaded. I’m afraid to go to sleep though, brcause I’m terrified I won’t wake up again. So please, ease my mind…can I die from CO[sub]2[/sub] inhalation?

You can’t die from CO[sub]2[/sub] inhalation unless it pushes all the oxygen out of your immediate environment. If you’re away from the leak, you have nothing to fear.

Maybe you should read this thread.

You’re cool, Pam… now, if you were still in the store…

Good night!

You’re fine, or you’re not going to get any worse, anyway. :wink:

At least your boss didn’t try to light the gas grill with an acetylene welding torch. I STILL shudder when I think about that one. :eek:

The CO[sub]2[/sub] woun’t kill you, but yeah you’re gonna die.
It’s swallowing small amounts of saliva for 70-80 years that kills ya. Sorry, you’re doomed. (Unless you’re a drooler…)

Now if it had been carbon MONoxide . . .

You’ll be OK. Maybe a bit more effervescent than usual.

Wife’s bosses brought a faulty nitrogen tank into her lab and stood there whispering about what they should do with it, since there is a possibility it will explode. Their solution: Leave it there, four feet from her desk.

Me: S, they are trying to blow you up?

Wife: Well, they aren’t trying very hard NOT to blow me up! I wanted you to know so you could sue them when it kills me.

that’s two for two Finagle. Your one liners drive me into squealing fits.