Am I just being paranoid?

National ID, No Bid contracts, War in Iran, Record Corporate Profits… What is the definition of fascism? Citing this well written column, one out of thousands on the subject, most being cast into the barrel of Lunatic Fringe conspiracy theories… I think Americans may be going down a road that they might not like and are too busy to care enough to do something about it. Or am I just a newbie moron with no clue?

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You may actually get a decent discussion on this topic, but I would suggest that you drop this question. None of the potentially abused freedoms have actually been related to “Fascism,” which is either a particular political movement with fairly well-defined characterisitics (most of which are not demonstrated in your post) or is a sloppy buzz word used by the uninformed to indicate any authoritarian-leaning government.

Since we have a number of posters who refer precision in language, even the sloppy posters who enjoy hurling the word at the current administration have learned that it is not productive to fling it about, here.

Leaving “Fascism” out of the discussion, you may get a pretty good response.

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Ok…please delete and I will start again…sorry for the inconvienence…

Yes. But it won’t help. We’re going to get you anyway.

Hahahahaha… You all seem so smart… Intellectual banter par excellence! I am so out classed. I guess I will just sit here and wait for the men in the white coats to give me a free jacket that ties in the back!

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Feel free to paraphrase her arguments in your own words, (using short excerpts where her language is particularly appropriate).
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If we’re going to debate the desirability of whether a national i.d. is or isn’t a good idea, then this belongs in GD.

If we’re asking whether the government can adopt such an i.d., the answer is yes. If we’re asking whether the government can make it only notionally voluntary by punishing (i.e. withholding funds) from states that do not adopt it, the answer is also yes.

If we’re asking whether any of this falls under the banner of fascism, then the answer is definitely no, just as Tomndebb has already said.

The OP needs to clarify to see where this winds up, but I’d be astounded if GD wasn’t the right place for this in the end.

As for Devvy, well, she believes that the federal reserve system is a scam, which puts her into the nutcase conspiracy theory class, and her writings that 9/11 is a government conspiracy confirm this. Nothing this woman says can be taken seriously. If the OP is a believer, he or she might find some rough going ahead. Nothing personal, but the SDMB is not kind to conspiracy theorists.

Yes, I agree… But after reading more on this subject on this site and your reply, I think this thread should be deleted altogether with my apologies. I’m looking forward to the FDA approved sub dermal tracking devices. What the hell…I’m an American, as long as I have my Ipod and low gas prices…conspiracies are just so much hoopla…

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Politicians my lie to our face, but we are far better at lying to ourselves!

I still don’t see how something can be “voluntary” if it includes punitive repercussions… Oh yea I get it…we call those pesky little things “incentives” right?

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This one is headed for Great Debates, so let’s just move it.

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Well…it had potential… I was certain I wouldn’t get the last word. I guess it’s not of any real concern.

I am surprised and somewhat disappointed…

eclipse <out>
Politicians may lie to our face, but we are far better at lying to ourselves!

You certainly will not get the last word if you simply fold and fade.

If you can put your ideas across in your own words in a coherent fashion, you might get a good discussion going. However, throwing out someone else’s web page as a thesis rarely works around here.

If you think you can frame an argument that will catch the attention of the posters, here, give it a shot. That is the only way to test your ideas.

Well, that’s an interesting way of putting it… So you think my ignorance of the local policies and my use of the word “Fascism” being a sloppy generality ( I don’t know about that. If it looks like a duck and quacks…etc etc… ) and an Article inappropriately posted was really the culprit here? It seems to me there is very little concern on the subject currently.

I instead, e-mailed a direct question to the man at the top…we’ll see what comes of it.

I am having some luck with some other topics that seem to suite this crowd a little more. I will return to this when it becomes a bit more worthy of the local elitists attention… :slight_smile:

Eclipse <out>

PS…Tomndebb if you don’t respond to this, I will have the last word… :cool:

What do record corporate profits (which corporations) have to do with fascism?


So…since we aren’t appearently debating if the US is on the road to facism (we’ve never had one of THOSE thread in here before :stuck_out_tongue: ), can I assume we are debating the merits of the National ID instead? Because I don’t see what to debate about ‘Record Corporate Profits’ or ‘No Bid contracts’…both of which we’ve had for a rather long time, and both of which I have no particular problem with (the no bid contract thingy is to fix the already fucked up government procurement system…sure, it can be abused. So can bid contracts. Its the system thats fucked up, not one aspect). If anyone would like to debate those subjects, list out your problems with either of those issues and maybe we can get the ball rolling.

As I’ll assume the debate has now shifted to the National ID one, I’ll start by listing Wiki’s take on it, and some pro’s and con’s from the article, then seeing if anyone wants to talk about why there is any fuss at all about this thing (aside for left and right wingnuts worried about either the One World Gubberment™ taking over, of Facist America™ putting the jackboots to the people)?

Arguments for and against identity cards
Identity cards are a source of continued debate. Their use is backed by law enforcement officials who claim that it can make surveillance and identification of criminals much easier. However, concern is also expressed about the extensive cost and potential abuse of hi-tech smartcards.

I figured I’d also include this link, again from Wiki, discussing just what Fasicm is…just for the benifit of the OP, who doesn’t seem to know what its all about (Corporate Profits?? No Bid Contracts? WTF do those have to do with Facism, or how are they indicators we are on that road??).