Am I Stuck With My Username Forever?

I’m tired of “loopydude”; besides, it was a stupid choice to begin with, as it was based on a nickname I never cared much for anyway. Lack of imagination on my part. I wanna be “Satan’s Cooties” or “Spazmodeus” or something of that sort.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this while keeping my account. Can I quit and then rejoin to change my name? I understand that might cost me, and I could lose my “charter member status” (then again, I might not, according to another thread). That’s fine. Going loopy was lazy, and now it’s a tad annoying. I’m not trying to be some kind of Straight Dope Sybil, and don’t want to hide behind multiple pseuds. I just need a change, a better version of me, a new attitude, an “artist-formerly-known-as” kinda breath of fresh air. I know I was born a loopy, but I’ve come to realise that’s not what I really am. I can’t deny my true self any longer. Will I be a spaz trapped inside a loopy forever? Doc, can ya help me??

NO, you do not quit and rejoin. That’s essentially creating multiple identities for yourself, which is against our rules and a bannable offense.

You can email an Administrator with a request for a name change. You get ONE such change. (Be sure to send the email request from the address under which you are registered.) You can’t change to a name that has already been taken – sadly, even if that person was banned, or never posted, or has been gone for years and years, we don’t allow repeat names.

Note that a name change is both forward and backward in time – that is, all your prior posts would be changed to the new name. This can cause some confusion in reading old threads, and that’s one reason for only allowing one name change per person.

You mean…Loopydude isn’t your real name?


I’m, like, so disillusioned…

Thanks. One and only one change, eh? I must weigh this choice carefully…

This whole thing reminds me of the line from Goldfinger.
"Choose your next witticism carefully Mr. Bond, it may be your last.

If you do, I vote for Spazmodeus. It just has that certain something…

But Loopydude isn’t too bad, either, for that matter.

Hey, I like your username. :wink: