Am I stuck with my username forever?

It seems that I am.

I cannot even register a second username, since when I follow the “register” link, it just tells me I’m already registered, and doesn’t give me the option of starting a new “account.”

Am I missing something? Help!



Do not register a second screen name. If you want to change the one you currently have, please send e-mail to This is the preferred method. Thanks.

You could also shove a knife through that portrait you’re hiding up in your attic.

Clever one, Uke :wink:

Wow. I was just about to post this very question, and lo, before me is the answer. Don’t shove a knife through the portrait. Bad things will happen if you do that.

I know, I saw this movie where this guy had a portrait of himself, and wished he could be young forever, and so he stayed young and the portrait aged and got really ugly and…

They didn’t answer the question on how to get a second username for other people at your computer, or if you use a shared computer (school, work, library, bar, state pen, etc.).

Click on the blue link words “Straight Dope Message Board” on the top of the page (or the huge Straight Dope banner), and it takes you back to the “main menu”.

If you asked for cookies when you registered (“Store Username & Password in browser memory”), there will be a small blue “Logout” link at the bottom right corner of that page.
Click it, and then you can start over to register the second prisoner…er…user.

If you had not requested cookies, you are always Logged out and can’t see the button.
Then you should be able to register right away, but it’s a nuisance because then you have to supply a password for every post.
Does keep your username safer, though, if your cellmates are pranksters.

Don’t need on stinkin password! Hi “tubadiva” !!!

How long does the name change process take? I e-mailed my request yesterday afternoon, have received no reply, and I still appear to be me.

Well, agisofia, the process may take a day or two.

You see, TubaDiva is a real person, not a CGI Script. In order for your request to be honored, she needs to have time to:
[li]check her email,[/li][li]deal with the issues more pressing than yours,[/li][li]send an electronic hello or two to her friends, relatives, etc, and[/li][li]forward a couple of emails about the new Email Tax Bill facing Congress to her entire distribution list.[/li]
Then she will be able to process your name change.:wink:

Too late, I became impatient and used the, um, alternative method. I did e-mail TubaDiva and let her know what I was up to, though.

Am I in trouble?

Yes you are in trouble, by virtue of being innocent.

But then I like the ones in trouble best. Innocence is nice.

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

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There’s no there there. The link you gave us is apparently dead, as it says ‘Invalid thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster.’

Since it is a dead link, I have removed it.

your humble TubaDiva