Am I the only one who does not take any kind of medication?

It sometimes seems like it.

I’m 42. Went to the doctor last week for a routine checkup, and he didn’t believe me at first when I told him I was not on any kind of meds. “Nothing?! Are you sure?” It then dawned on me that just about every person I know in my age group (or older) is on some kind of meds. They’re on anti-anxiety meds, blood pressure meds, anti-depression meds, etc. I feel like I’m in a real minority.

Are all these meds really necessary? It also seems like an inordinate percentage of women are on some kind of anti-depression medication. I’m not exaggerating when I say every woman I know (including my wife) is on them.

According to a recent study, yes, you are in the minority. It’s only one study though and sponsored by an insurance company.

I wonder if the depression-meds thing will change as more therapies become more commonly used–I was on small doses of anti-depressants for a while, but with some good ol’ CBT I eventually got off of them. I am on no maintenance meds at this point.

My wife, on the other hand, has pretty severe panic disorder and high blood pressure (which the docs can’t figure out, given how relatively healthy her eating habits are), so she’s on maintenance meds.

There’s a point where I do wonder if the ongoing maintenance of meds is “easier” for some conditions than others–having “kicked” depression, for example, I often wonder what percentage of people on maintenance anti-depressants could (if they found the right therapist for them) get rid of the maintenance meds.

Blood pressure is another one–I know I’m prone to it, so I exercise and keep the salt down so I don’t have to take meds, but really that’s just as much of a “maintenance” thing, it’s just not in pill form.

Maybe you just have that effect on women? :slight_smile:

I took a few prescription allergy pills during ragweed season this fall, but am otherwise medication free. I’m a couple of years younger than you are.

Most women of reproductive age are on at least one medication for birth control, unless they are using a surgical or other non-hormonal option.

While it’s almost certain that not all medication people take is necessary, there are also people out there not taking medication that would help them live longer and saner lives. It’s like a freeway. Some people are driving a little above the absolute ideal speed, and some people a little below it. Some people are wasting a little time every day, others have spectacular crashes from unforeseen obstacles.

Female, 46. Nothing except for Tylenol once or twice a month during my period.

A friend recommended taking a natural supplement red yeast rice for my high-ish cholesterol/triglycerides but I can’t get into the habit.

No: Female 47 I’ve got some calcium tablets rusting away in the fridge and a bottle of vitamin C tablets which I keep putting in a promenant place, but just can’t get myself to take them.

40, Female. Nothing at all. Nor is my husband or 5 kids. The only time we are on any meds if for an injury or severe illness, which is very, very rare.

I, too, feel like a minority in this regard.

Female, 43, and I’m hoping that weight loss will get me off my only medication - acid reducers for acid reflux/ulcer. My blood pressure was creeping up, too, and I’m hoping weight loss will fix that, too.

Female, 41, I’m on nothing and neither are my kids or husband. Not even vitamins, since we eat a reasonably healthy diet.

Female, mid-40’s, no need for birth control 'cause husband is shooting blanks. I take allergy medication when my allergies are acting up, but most days nope, not taking anything.

Just because they aren’t necessary for you doesn’t mean the same holds true for everyone.

And no, I take no medication.

Is anyone else seeing an ad for Dianetics on this page? If there’s any group less likely to be susceptible to Scientology, I don’t know what it is.

Nothin’ but Beer, and I’m told that don’t count.

Nope, niether my husband (48) or myself (47) take more than the occasional aspirin or Alk-Seltzer. But we are teh only people in our circle of family and friends who are over 40 and not on meds. When it has been suggested, we always ask for an alternative - change of diet and lifestyle is always more palatable to us than a lifetime on medications. If we hadn’t been insisting on alternatives, both of us would have been on life-long meds years ago - anti-depressives for him and various digestive stuff for me.

As we get closer to 50 those check-ups get more and more med-centered, but so far neither of us has come up with anything that can only be treated with long-term medication. Knock on wood.

I’m 43, and I take nothing but OTC NSAIDs for arthritis. The only prescription drugs I’ve ever taken have been occasional antibiotics for infections, painkillers a couple of times after dental surgery, and something called Methotrexate, which I tried briefly for my arthritis, but stopped because it made me nauseous.

My wife is 40, and she’s not on anything either.

I’ve never tried any of those anti-anxiety or anti-depression, or mood elevating drugs that are so popular these days. Are they any good? What does it feel like if a person without any mood disorders takes them?

I had the same experience in my 50’s when I saw a doctor for a bad cold. She couldn’t believe that I had no chronic conditions.

I stayed RX-free until I was 55 and broke my hip. It changed my life. Please, menopausal ladies, make sure you’re getting enough calcium!

One of my buddies took Wellbutrin for a while as an quitting-smoking aid, and he reported that he’d get oddly timed bursts of euphoria at first, then as he adjusted to the dose nothing much. Then when he went off of it, a variety of random rapid mood swings again, mostly panicky.

When I was depressed, the biggest benefit I got from the antidepressants I was on (prozac in very light doses) wasn’t so much a lightening of the depression as a increased motivation to get my ass out of a funk and do something–like, say, drag my ass to counseling.

Only OTC Prilosec here. And I am currently working on losing the gut so hopefully I wont need that much longer.

47, Male

No Meds for anything.

Plenty of caffeine, ibuprofin and chocolate, though.
Speaking of which, let me wash down 400mg of ibuprofin with some Cherry Coke about now…

Male 53, I don’t take any medications other than one low dose aspirin per day.

Male, 41. not taking anything