Am I the only one who doesn't really care about muliplayer?

I’m a big PC gamer, but the emphasis on multiplayer in games is starting to frustrate me. Games that look like they could be so cool as a fantastic single player campaign are being made as multiplayer only games. I got the Soldner demo, and the demo is multiplayer only…even though they’re going to have a single player campaign.

While I like multiplayer from time to time, it gets very old, very fast for me. Honestly, the last game I was really pumped about multiplayer was Unreal Tournament. The original. The best multiplayer was plaing the original Quake on a LAN. But now, it all seems kind of stale. A good plot in a good single player game is really much more appealing. Luckily, recently, we’ve been getting the occasional great single player game out of developers, such as KOTOR, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Splinter Cell, etc.

Also, I find that I have not even the slightest interest in playing a single MMORPG. Am I odd?

I prefer singly player games as well. While I don’t mind a little competition now and then, when I play a game, it’s usually just to goof around a bit or, if I’m really into it, build up my character, kingdom, whatever. In both cases, I don’t really like having to rely on someone else to make the game… I’d rather just go with the computer as it is more reliable.

If I want interaction, I’d play a tabletop RPG if I had someone in the area to play with.

I’ll jump in on the occasional multiplayer game - although, now that I think about it, Halo’s the only one I’ve been interested in for like a year now.

Single-player? Lots of them.

MMORPG? Forget about it. Single player RPG’s don’t even interest me, and as far as I’m concerned, MMORPG’s are glorified chat rooms. No thank you.

You’re certainly not the only one. I usually don’t touch multiplayer until I’ve beaten the single-player campaigns, and I look forward to the day when AI is indistinguishable from human players, except for the whole other people part. I think this is because usually the SP runs give you a variety of situations with a coherent storyline (Example: Far Cry, up until the last couple of levels). Multiplayer tends to be the same situation over and over in different maps.

That being said, if the situation is enjoyable I don’t mind playing it (Natural Selection). But I would vastly prefer a bare-bones MP if it meant that SP was great, as opposed to the other way around.

I never play multiplayer anymore except at the very occasional LAN. And by occasional I mean I’m going to my 3rd one next month.

When I was 15 I really got in to the original Team Fortress (joined a clan and everything!) and a friend and I used to play co-op games of the Platoon TC for Duke Nukem 3D over the phone line. (Anyone but me remember that? It was good enough that the Adrenaline Vault reviewed it. Too bad they decided to make the followup a commercial product.)

I also got into Counterstrike a couple of years ago but quit that when I had the realisation that the people I was playing with, for the most part, were mouthbreathing teenagers. Actually, the day I quit was when I was waiting for another round to start and the other players were bragging about how one of them had brushed up against some girls bum in science class. Those aren’t the kind of people I want to hang out with in real life OR online! Coincidentally or not I also dropped out of the IT degree I was doing at around about the same time :).

I’m much more interested in playing a story than anything else nowadays.

Count me in too. The last FPS I bought (full price) was Quake 3. Yeah it looked great, but you can only race other people to the rocket launcher so many times before it becomes lame! :smiley:

Not only was it lame, but it was the exact same thing everybody did when they played Quake deathmatch (which was the same as Doom deathmatch!)

Really pissed me off too, because I absolutely loved Quake 2! The Quake 3D engine with a Doom setting! I played it and played it and played it. The original game and both mission packs! Waited a year or so and played 'em all again! Still remember switching the weapon to left-handed so I could peek (and maybe shoot) around right hand corners!

Deathmatch is fun, but its quantity over quality. No slow creeping around discovering things, just get the rocket launcher and shoot, shoot, shoot!

Very philistine… :rolleyes:

LAN! LAN! Make more things LAN!

You’d be surprised how many things out there have great Internet multiplayer capabilities but lousy or no LAN games. (Like you can fight each other but you can’t team-play on the LAN. WTF?)

Concerning MMORPGs, bear in mind that the makers of Ultima Online foisted that off on us. They did a (possibly inadequate amount of) market research and discovered that there were tons of people playing fantasy games, tons of people playing online games, and tons of people in MUDs and MUSHs, and deduced that what the people really wanted was an MMORPG. If their first multiplayer online game had been like Diablo (4 players per “game”), the online MP game world would be a very different place…

If I had a computer on the Internet that could play the latest games, and an internet connection to support them, I would be spending way too much freaking time playing online games. My computer/pipeline combo petered out at around the level of Diablo II, so I’m playing single-player NWN and having a great time. I don’t know that I’d be having such a great time in a MP online NWN game, but it would be a different time. I know I wouldn’t like being chained to a bunch of other yahoos, deciding when we’re going to rest and where we’re going to go…

I’m with you, Jman. I really don’t have any interest in the multiplayer games. If software companies made more single-player RPGs (and especially, if they made turn-based ones, which I prefer) they would get a lot more of my money.

I don’t get DeathMatch. At all. It’s just… so… dull! I like Unreal Tournament, because they’ve got a good variety of different games, but even then, I play it maybe once or twice a month before I get tired of it again. Really, the only multiplayer option that interests me at all is co-op. And nobody does it! Doom 3 PC had no co-op mode. They took co-op out of Halo for the PC! Co-op was the best thing about Halo! I don’t get that at all. It seems like it would be so cheap and easy to just plug a second player into the single-player campaign, yet the last PC FPS to do this was, what? Serious Sam? What’s the deal?

And I want to second NE Texan on more single-player, turn based RPGs. No more of the MMORPG shit. I’m not going to pay twenty bucks a month for a chat room with a bad GUI.

Now I am a gamer, but by no means am I a HaRdCoRe type. I enjoy the hell out of all sorts of different games, but a big turn off with multiplayer for me has always been when participating in these games is that they are not for the casual fan.
These people eat, sleep, and breathe the damned thing. Counter Strike is a perfect example. I enjoy shooting virtual folks as much as the next person, but I’m not quitting my job and hooking up a Jolt IV just to learn how to exploit every bug and glitch in a game.

I’m yet another person who just doesn’t care about mutiplayer at all. I played some LAN games with HL with some college friends and enjoyed it, but was never able to get into anything else.

I had counterstrike for a while but realized I was doing nothing but wasting time sitting in line after I got killed by some hyperactive 10 year old who spends all their time jumping around and shooting. I was also clued into the kind of people I was dealing with when my sister’s then boyfriend(a bit of a creep) told me he liked to impress people by going into a game with a bunch of inexperienced players and slaughter them so his kill scores would be high when he fought with people his own skill level.

EQ I tried for a month, but eventually felt I was wasting massive amounts of time for no reason at all and quit. I’d rather play a single player game which has a PLOT, a definate goal and where I’m not spending all my time building my character.

Not only do I prefer single-player, I have absolutely zero interest in games that require a monthly fee in order to play. I don’t have the time to make it worthwhile and even if I did there’s always the chance of the site going tits-up, making the CD I bought for $50 instantly worthless. Motor City Online, anyone?

Well, I can still vividly remember the very first time I played Deathmatch. It was the summer of 1994 (EEK! Ten years ago!!). After working some overtime I went out and bought a 14.4K modem (freakin’ thing was like $130!) I bought it specifically to play Doom (1) against another person. I think it took two tries to get the two PCs to connect (this was dialup remember!)

But when it did, Oh. My. God.

It was one of the coolest thing ever! This wasn’t like playing boxing side by side in front of one TV screen with an Intellivision. I was seeing them from my POV and they were seeing me from their’s. And we were seeing each other, um, seeing each other! I really can’t fully describe how neat it was.

Plus, how amazingly apparent it was that that other character was a real person, not a computer. They hesitated, they made mistakes, they went the wrong way and backtracked, they laid in waiting for you.

All common stuff today, but man was it ever cool seeing it for the first time.

Yeah, I understand the neatness of multiplayer. It’s death match that I don’t understand. Once you’ve gotten that far in networking Doom, how is it that you (or anyone, really) is content to just sit there repetitively blowing each other up, over and over? I never got to play Doom multiplayer, but what I always wanted to do with it was team-up with other players and take on the whole single-player campaign, except with squadmates. That’s fun. Unfortunetly, back in '94, all anyone else wanted to do was Deathmatch, and even then I couldn’t see the appeal of it.

Actually, the original Doom offered Co-op.

I know. That’s one of the reasons I was so pissed about Doom 3. I always wanted to play Doom co-op, but I was the only one in my circle of friends with a computer it would run on. I didn’t have enough money for a modem, and whenever I’d go to a con or something where they’d have a LAN set-up, all they’d ever play was DeathMatch. And there was always a line to play it, so I never bothered. Now, I’ve actually got a home LAN with two computers that could run Doom 3, and what do the bastards do? They don’t include a co-op mode. :mad:

The thing is that your preference for LAN or single player will depend upon the type of game you like.

In the case of FPS games, I honestly think most of them are poorly designed for multiplayer. Whether it’s Quake, Doom 3, Unreal or what have you, they all function more or less the same way and play more or less the same way and are suited primarily to twitchy twelve-year-olds.

On the other hand, most RTS games are better off multiplayer, such as Total Annihilation, Rise of Nations, and games like that; the single player campaigns are cool, but mostly puzzle solving, and the AI can’t compare to a clever human.

Yes, shortly after DOOM came out My friend who worked at the computer lab at the University (we both had graduated) opened up the lab an we and two other frieds played the entire shareware scenario in co-op mode that night.

Some other frieds and I gather yearly to game. Tabletop wargames, strategy games (e.g. Settlers of Catan). We did a little LAN gaming last year, but this year we did a lot of Unreal Tournament 2004. We did a litlle Deathmatch but then moved on to capture the flag and especially Onslaught. We still played deathmatch as a warmup or to choose teams (the best in DM would be paired with the worst). Tho eventaully we played against the computer (adjusting the difficulty so it was nither too easy not too hard to beat the computer team).

I’d like to play online with these friends more, but I have littledesire to play UT2k4 or online catan or anything else with strangers.

I got into EverQuest after most people at my old job did. I don’t know if I would still play if we didn’t have a weekly get together (all of us are at different jobs now)


That makes sense to me. I don’t like RTS games at all, outside of the very cream of the crop, like RoN.