Am I the only one who like their sweet potatoes UNSWEETENED?

Probably because they aren’t that sweet compared to fruits. Someone probably ate one once and expected more sweetness and said “now I’ll show you some SWEET potatoes!”

This, too. As I tell people, my favorite “pumpkin” pie is sweet potato pie. I’ll have to try your recipe one of these days. Mine is basically just spiced like pumpkin pie, but I’m intrigued by the addition of soy sauce and the three gingers, two fresh, one candied, none dried.

Yes, yes.

Sweet potatoes on their own are right at the limit of being too sweet for dinner anyway. I shudder to think about even tasting one with marshmallows or added sugar.

Well, they kind of belong in that most awkward to make and eat dish s’mores, of course. But that’s about it. And s’mores, honestly, aren’t that great to begin with, but fun to relive camping memories. (Though my family didn’t do those. We roasted smoked Polish sausage on a stick. Much better.)

What about Rice Krispies Treats?

:smack: Oh, good call! Yes, they are worthy in those.

You can have my share. I’m not gonna touch them.

The same thing applies to the abomination that is AMBROSIA. It’s a damn shame when good fruit starts hanging out with a bad crowd.

I don’t particularly like sweet potatoes to begin with. I’ll generally skip them unsweetened. Sweetening them is just a way to make them even worse IMO.

I’d be fine with sweet potatoes either as fries or made just like white mashed potatoes, but my husband doesn’t like them in those forms, so we have sweet potato soufflé instead - a savory dish made with milk and eggs of course, and with gruyere cheese, garlic, shallots and a bit of thyme added. Makes a very attractive and delicious holiday dish.

Sweet potato pie is also a very fine addition to the holiday table, but that comes after the main meal. I don’t want sweet stuff before then, at all.

Almost all year, I eat 'em with butter and salt and nothing else; they’re the perfect side for pork chops, or make a pretty good main course, with sufficient salad, if we’re eating vegetarian.

On Thanksgiving, my diabetic mom who almost never cooks with sugar makes the sweet-potato-and-marshmallow extravaganza, and it’s beautiful and delicious for a meal and for leftovers.

Both have their place.

Butter and salt will do fine. I like sweet potatoes with sour cream or cottage cheese too.

S’mores are overrated, but the plain toasted marshmallow is good. And I happen to like ambrosia, if by that you mean the dessert of fruit and marshmallows tossed in whipped cream. Now, what’s really easy to overload on is divinity fudge: I can only eat about one piece the size of a fingertip of that per year.

You can make s’mores with almost no equipment, and it’s simple enough that even young children can do it. I think they make many people nostalgic because they call up childhood memories of family and friends around a campfire. This probably accounts for their popularity.

This is what I do, which isn’t that much different than how I would eat other types of potatoes (except for the occasional cinnamon).

The only thing I put on my baked sweet potatoes is butter and a little salt. If I want to do something fancier with sweet potatoes, I’m cutting them into french fries, frying them, and dousing them in a savory cajun-style gravy.

What about those bright orange sweet potato disc deals they sell in the store usually in the meat department. Do they still sell those? I remember my grandmother would fry them, sprinkle them with powdered sugar then drizzle them with honey.

I’ve never seen this. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

I eat sweet potatoes the same way I eat regular potatoes. I like them baked, with some butter on them. I sometimes put sour cream on them. I usually skip the salt and pepper.

I’ve also eaten sweet potato fries and I put ketchup on those.

A few weeks ago, I sliced a sweet potato up into discs, drizzled barbecue sauce on them, and roasted them in the oven. It tasted pretty good.

I like sweet potatoes natural and glazed/sweetened. In fact, I have never had a sweet potato dish I didn’t like, although I am not gloriously fond of the ones using orange juice as the sweetener.

Recently, I am more likely to bake a sweet potato than a regular spud. They are wonderfully good hot with salt and butter. And sweet potato fries are an obsession.