Am I the only one who like their sweet potatoes UNSWEETENED?

My go-to dish is to home-fry them with bacon, ham, or corned beef (depending on what I have available).

It should be noted that the tubers colored deep purple and labeled “yams” or “garnet yams” are much sweeter than the paler tannish ones which are labeled “sweet potatoes”. My family always bought the “garnet yams”. Once baked, their flesh is deep orange, soggy and sweet. The paler ones are more starchy and less sweet, and I don’t find them all that appetizing.

That’s what is leftover in my fridge. They sort of create their own glaze.

People who think they need added sugar aren’t roasting them long enough:

Baked, then topped with butter and cinnamon. Yum!

It will create its own glaze faster if you leave it outside of the fridge :cool: :eek:

Yep, I came in here to mention Red Garnet Yams. There’s no need to put anything but butter & salt on those, they’re plenty sweet on their own.

I’m with you on the pale ones - they’re almost tasteless without some added spices or sugar, and I avoid them because of that.

The stuff with the marshmallows on top never was and never will be part of any meal I serve. Blech.

I always keep a few yams on hand, in case I want a light meal. Just nuke them for 5 minutes, and dig in. Maybe add a little cinnamon or some shavings of x-sharp cheddar.

Baked in the skin, add too much butter and salt.

I have made a roasted sweet potato and eggplant dish for Thanksgiving two years running.

No additives needed (besides salt, pepper and spices).

Can you post the recipe?


I don’t want anything SWEET added to sweet potatoes. I like them baked, with butter and a touch of cinnamon only. Maybe some chopped pecans or walnuts if I have them handy. And I like them mashed with just butter and cinnamon.

Had a roast sweet potato (and leftover turkey) for supper. Just roasted, in the skin. Re-warmed in the microwave, sliced open, cut into bite-sized chunks, and transported to my waiting mouth.