Am I The Only One Who Like Warren On The "Andy Griffith Show"?

Disclaimer: Yeah I watch too much TV.

I’ve been watching Andy Griffith, (it comes on in the early morning here) and they are playing the episodes with Warren. Warren was the deputy that replaced Barney Fife.

Now OK he isn’t nearly as good as Barney, but I think people dislike the character because they liked Barney so much. I don’t think the Warren character is so bad, I think he is just bad because people compare him to Barney.

I actually thought the character was fine, but I have a feeling I’m going to be in a tiny minority on this one

Any thought?

Me: take it or leave it. As you probably know, he was basically doing the schtick he developed as the conventioneer with Avery Screiber’s cabdriver.

“Hate” is a strong word, but he was a poor substitute for Barney, not that’s necessarily his fault. I think anyone would have suffered playing Andy’s second overbearing, anxious, incompetent sidekick.

ETA: Upon reading the OP, I realize our sentiments are actually similar, but I still wouldn’t say I liked the character.

I was maybe 12 or 13 when Warren (Jack Burns) first showed up on TAGS. Even at that tender age, I had already seen Burns and Schrieber do the cab driver/clueless tourist bit several times. Experiencing deja vu while still an adolescent is a great way to instill dislike for a character.

I never much cared for the character. But then I have never cared much for any of the episodes after Don Knotts left the show.

I had to go with the last option. I mean, I never even noticed the guy, and had no idea who you were talking about until you spelled it out.

It’s odd. In my head, Andy didn’t have a deputy after Barney left.

Hated. Irritated the crap out of me

There were 3 seasons in color after Barney left. warren was only in a handful of episodes in only one of those seasons. So you’re head is correct. Most of the post-barney episodes did not have a deputy.