Am I the only one who uses a turn signal anymore?

Why on earth do people not use turn signals? Even more rare, is the use of a signal to change lanes. Am I the only one who does this anymore?

A slight Hijack… who waits 3 Seconds at each stop sign?

The rule on traffic lights (known and loved by all cab drivers) is that if you’ve been stopped at a red to the count of ten and nobody is approaching (perhaps because it’s in a residential area at 2am) then you can go on the red talk your way out of a ticket.
For stop signs, there is no 3 second rule. Stopped is stopped.

The use of turn signals to change lanes is on the books in every state, for one reason. Nobody every does it, so it gives a ticket writing cop a sure thing in traffic court. If he puts down weaving or speeding, you might get off claiming a bee in the car.

The factual answer to your question: No, you are not the only one. I also use them.

I know, that’s so annoying. Right up there with people who don’t post in the right forums.

Another turn signal user checking in. Changing lanes, making turns, and even when backing out of a parking space. I found out that my van starts chiming at me if I’ve left the signal on too long (a couple of minutes while in motion).

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