am I the only one worrying about yojimboguy?

Tomorrow is Friday, the day yojimboguy’s object of affection is in the office, and I find myself anticipating tomorrow night almost as much as the Alias finale. Am I the only one biting my nails, wondering if he’ll ask her out, wondering if she’ll say yes…

I’d post a link, but this thing is running so slow, it’ll take hours.

Are the rest of you rooting for him too? Or do I need to get a life?

I would be rooting for him except that I don’t know what’s going on.

Also, I’m afraid that the AussieDopers would point at me and snicker.

But best of luck, Yojimboguy!


:: Point, snicker :: even for just thinking about rooting for someone.

heresiarch: pointing and snickering is apparently what AussieDoper’s do. You have provided an essential service. Thank you for your cooperation.

As for yojimbodude, he’ll be fine, he’s all grows up now. I’m not worried, he’s gonna knock this one out of the park.

You Aussie Dopers and that slang word of yours… I’d also point and snicker, but I don’t do that kind of thing. (or I’d like to think that I don’t) And yes, I am aware of what it means… thanks to some Australian friends of mine. :slight_smile: :smiley:

I know what you’re talking about, kittenblue. Actually, I have thought about it, but he’ll be fine. Essentially what ShibbOleth said about yojimboguy: he’s all grown up now, and will be able to carry this one off with finesse and skill. :slight_smile:

Rooting is indeed an Australia slang word for having sex.

Given my understanding of the definition of root, I’m assuming it’s also the Amercan slang word for supporting someone/thing?

So, without being rude, what’s the offical position on whose slang word is appopriate?

And, I think I’ve hijacked this thread into one about rooting, so I might just slink off now.

Go **yojimboguy[/ B] get all the rooting you can.

This is the first thread I’ve ever had addressed personally to me, and that it is someone else doing it is particularly sweet.

{Thank you, kittenblue!}. I have my nicest shirt ready for tomorrow, and I am preparing a new apartment even the Gods would envy, were there any. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than periodically checking to see if she’s opened my email (she hasn’t, and apparently doesn’t check it from home), I managed pretty successfully to put my qualms aside. Once I started spending scads of money buying new furniture, I felt MUCH better. New – bed, headboard (with bookshelves and reading light, like I’ve always wanted), computer desk, Herman Miller Aeron chair (arguably the best office chair in the world), bar stools, bookshelves, dishes, bedding and linen, and toaster. :smiley:

Yes, it cost a fortune, but I’m worth it. And as one of my coworkers said about my chair, “When will anybody ELSE spend that kind of money to support your fat ass”?

I promise that, if Pat is in tomorrow, I will not leave without inviting her out. If Pat is not in tomorrow, I will call her next week. And I will faithfully report tomorrow evening of my triumph, rejection, further delay, or sniveling cowardice in backing away.

I’m actually thinking of modifying my invitation, from biking to helping me MOVE. She has a nice Rav4 with a hefty cargo space. Whadda think? Probably, since it’s late, I’ll have to decide without advice on this. But it’s a natural – I’ve helped her haul gear out to her car before. “Ya know Pat, I’ve been thinking that big cargo box would be great to get my books across town”. I have hundreds of books, surely we can find things among them to chat about, I get some work out of her – ultimate rejection or not! :smiley:

kittenblue, this is the sweetest thing any Doper has ever done for me, and I thank you again. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh yeah, and the rest of you! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome, and the new stuff sounds great! And for what it’s worth, I think asking for help moving is a good idea. As long as she doesn’t find your 20 years of back issues of Playboy or , worse yet, your Beanie Baby collection, it could be a fun day.
Good Luck!

Even worse…his collection of Playboys featuring beanie babies in provocative poses.

I’d add my rah-rah-rah for you, but you already know I’m pulling for ya. :slight_smile:

Cheers for yojimboguy and good luck; I was worried to see no update, but I’m glad it’s nothing more than simply her not reading your message yet.

I don’t know about asking her to help you move. I’d be more flattered if someone asked me for an afterwork margarita, burrito, or something else than asking for work-especially if it’s the first time. Maybe you can suggest it almost as a joke and see if she bites??

But go with what works…Then again, it’s friday afternoon already and it’s too late for MHO.

Good luck though!

(Hope you’re not moving this weekend, supposed to be yucky!)

So as to let the repondents to my earlier thread keep up with the story, I am going to tell the story here.

Extremely short version, deferral by her. More at above link.

This Yojimbo saga certainly has been fascinating. Much better then anything on tv hehe. I would have to warn against asking to help you move, even though I know shes an active person. Stick with the bike ride, it should give you a little more to talk about later on down the road. Think about what you would say at work the next friday.

“Damn I wish we were back at the top of the trail today instead of here”


“Man I wish you hadnt f***ing broken that vase, my grand mother gave that to me.”


Anyways good luck, you will do just fine.