Am I the only person that thinks VW markets to idiots?

I’m watching TV. A guy’s sitting in a car, complaining that things aren’t moving fast enough. Curses, wears, and honks the horn.

Camera pans back

He’s in the VW plant, evidently awaiting his car to be complete. My supposition: He’s an idiot, an ass, or a moron. In any event, your opinion of of that person can’t possibly be positive.

Case number two:
Guy on phone “Hurry down here, they have the Silver one” He turns around to see sales guy with keys and another couple approaching. He panicks, leans over and licks the handle. People pause.

Alrighty, how may silver VeeDubs can there possibly be? What if the car’s already sold? What if it isn’t. Said dud gets escorted from lot, banned for life, and they take a bottle of windex to the door handle.

Result: Dude’s an idiot.

Case number three:
“Guy’s thinking ‘What was that about VW’s {insert brand name for 4 wheel drive} it transfers power to the wheels that grip?’ That would be good to have right about now” Camera pans back to see a car doing an incredibly perfect pirouette down an icy street.

So, if you’re on ice, and there’s no traction, 4 wheel drive won’t help. But hey, VW’s marketing to idiots, they won’t catch that.
Don’t get me wrong, they’ve had plenty of good commercials (‘Developed using technology from UFO’s’ was a good one) but after watching this series of spots, I wouldn’t exactly be enthusiastic about saying they were why I bought the product…

I love the commercial where they priase Nazi’s.

You know where they talk about how the “Origional engineers” were gods amoung men and so brilliant and crap like that.

VW was started by Nazi’s you asshats.

I’d guess that such an educated bunch as the SDMB has a high percentage of members with a high propensity to buy imports, VW’s among them.

Putting the focus on those who created the commercials themselves rather than the intended audience might have been a better way to phrase it.


(stops grinding axe while simultaneously stepping off soapbox)

VW has never had conventional advertising. Look back at the days when all they had was air-cooled Beetles, Buses, and Karmann Ghias.

To your cases:

  1. VWs are so desireable that this man is willing to for the car to be assembled around him so that he can drive it as soon as possible.

  2. This man is so afraid he won’t get the exact Jetta he wants, he’s willing to do ANYTHING to make sure he does.

  3. Okay, I’ll give you that one.

Of course, I’m a biased VW nut, YMMV.

I think the one where the guy licks the handle is a hoot! Cracks me up every time…

Lorenzo: I’m sure the SMDB has a high percentage of folks that buy cars. I can’t mention a brand without pissing off SOMEBODY. If you can’t make the logical extension that I’m referring to the adversiting, I’ll be less subtle in the future. :wink:

Last time I checked, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was not a Nazi. The VWs we all know and love were produced by the British in the nearly destroyed VW plants because they needed transportation after the oocupation of Germany after WWII.

Well, yeah, but I don’t think there are many Nazi’s in charge there today. Does purchasing a VW today in some way benefit the Nazi’s? That would be one breaking story.

Please elaborate on your views.

I know it’s not VW, but all this talk about car commercials has brought to mind one that’s running now that never ceases to amuse me. A girl is sitting on a parking barrier in a parking lot near the water (a levee) near a car (a chevy) in which bf is sitting and listening to the end of American Pie (drove my chevy to the levee). The song ends, the guy gets out, and the girl says “You’re such a dork.” I just love it.

Here’s an example: How can (name any brand) sell any cars when their ads are so (fill in the blank). I think this is where you are really coming from. Who is offended? The folks who made the ads? Naming the brand does not necessarily offend buyers of that brand if you don’t call them idiots, as indirect as it may seem.

Versus: VW markets to idiots. Okay, so if their marketing is effective and they corner the market on the idiot crowd, many idiots very well may be VW owners. Sure, that might be true, but what is gained by saying something like that? You’ve taken the focus off the uninteresting word advertising and focused it on the potentially infalmmatory word “idiot”, potentially offending your fellow board members.

True, he never joined the Nazi party but he did quite a bit of their handiwork for them, including their best tanks.

PSA: The Allies prisoned him after WWII and he died earlier than he might have, exacerbated by his prison conditions, I am sad to report.

Dude, back the truck up. In the commercials in quesiton (The Marking in 'VW markets to idiots) I couldn’t possibly see how ANYBODY could view the product in a positive light. I also mentioned that they’ve had some great ads lately.

If YOU can’t seperate the ads and their message from the word ‘idiot’, nothing I’m going to say will change your mind.

Hey, VW makes some hot sexxy products, okay? People that buy VWs aren’t excluseivly schmucks (but I’ll guarantee you there are a few…just like Ford buyers and chevy buyers and Hyindai buyers…need I go on?).

Besides, the title got you to reply didn’t it? Consider it marketing. :smiley:

Did you see that commercial too.
It only aired once, 1967, IIRC.

We are agreed, then. You state: “I couldn’t possibly see how ANYBODY could view the product in a positive light.” You could have said exactly that in your OP and made your point very well, without referring to anyone as an “idiot.”

(steps off soapbox)

Damn straight broccoli! As another example Henry Ford was a notorious anti-semite. You’d think that those bastards at Ford would be ashamed enough about this to never run any commercial referring in any way to the history of Ford automobiles. After all their company was started by a man who was best buds with Hitler! It irredeemably taints their entire history as a proud pillar of American progress and industrialization. That a right thinking Jewish man or woman would ever buy or ride in a Ford car is beyond belief.

How Henry Ford hoped to mass-produce hatred of Jews

This is why I rarely cite with my posts:

a: I know what i’m talkin’ 'bout, willis, and
2: Someone always has a better link than me :wink:

To quote Hitler on his Germanic dream: “…A car in every [driveway]…”

Well, not buying a Volkswagen because they were once affiliated with the Nazis is one thing. But calling others “asshats” when they don’t won’t do on these boards, broccoli.

Personally, I would never buy a VW because they make dull, unimaginative cars with mediocre handling. Plus, they still ride the waves of their 1970’s and 1980’s reliability image, which has long been surpassed by the competition. And, they’re too expensive compared to the competition.

I mean, take the New Beetle. Ye Gads, what an abomination. First, it has the engine in the front. The front, I tell you. And it’s not even air-cooled. To top it off, it’s available as a frickin’ diesel.

The Golf GTI was one of the greatest hot hatches ever in its first and second incarnation. Now, a GTI weighs almost a metric ton and a half, steers like a pig, and costs as much as a small house.

Nope. They just don’t make fun cars anymore. Don’t even get me started on their branding strategies, effectively offering technically similar cars for more (Audi A3) or less (Seat Leon).

As usual, the OP misses the point entirely.

It’s not who VW is marketing to. The ads are there for one reason and one reason only: to get viewers to think about Volkswagons. To do this, ads are designed so that people will remember them*.

Whether they remember them positively or negatively has no bearing. In six months, people who hate the ad may have forgotten about then, but still think about buying a VW. If people hate an ad, that’s just fine – they’ll remember the product, which is the point.

Now, since this ad has spawned a thread on the IMDB, and everyone in it has remembered the ad, it’s quite clear their strategy is successful.

I rented a New Beetle once. I liked it a lot. The only thing I didn’t like was that (as virtually all rentals do in the U.S.) it had an automatic transmission. If it had had a standard transmission it would have been better. Oh, and there seems to be a lot of wasted space on the dash. You couldn’t put anything up there beacuse it was sloped and would slide off. Could be more useful.

But all-in-all, it was a good car that was fun to drive. Would I buy one? Not as my first choice, but it would be “up there”. Also, they are too expensive. But yeah, I wouldn’t mind owning one.

Excuse me! Begg’in your Coldfire, but Mrs.Phlosphr and I just purchased a 2003 Jetta GTI VR6. It’s got six gears and handles like it’s stuck to the road. So comments like:

… hold no water from our point of view. We love it!