Amadeus, The Play -- Monologue help

I’m trying to find a specific monologue from the Play and have done tons of googling and failed to find it anywhere. So if anyone knows of a site, or simply just knows… here are the pieces I remember:

Its a monologue with Salieiri lamenting the fact that Mozart is so talented without effort… and Salieiri can slave for months and can’t produce what Mozart can in a few hours.

He talks to God… Grazi… Grazi Tanti! Something about a pool hall.

Then… something about Mozart’s botty smacking wife…

Then… ‘You say that God is not Mocked? I say that Man is not Mocked, I am not Mocked! I name thee now, Nemico Eterno!’

Then something about working against God until he draws his last breath.


Well, you could buy a copy of the play. Penguin published it way back when Paul Scofield played Salieri, and I’ve got a copy squirreled away at home. But if you’re looking for a free copy off the Web I can’t help you. Check out your local library. They can probably get it through interlibrary loan.

“Damn You, God, why must You let these Little Blue Men be the instruments of Your Glory, and not ME??!!!”

“Gee, that’s just Smurfy, Mr. Salieri!”

– From the uncut edition of The Smurfs and the Magic Flute