Amazing 3D fractals

This was posted on Slashdot, but I think it’s worth sharing. This guy has created some three-dimensional fractals, trying to come up with something that has qualities similar to the 2D Mandelbrot set.

Those structures are all generated using relatively simple equations. A lot of those pictures look like they could be electron-microscope images of living things.


In retrospect, carrying the fractal formulas to higher dimensions seems obvious. But I’ve certainly never thought of it, and I’ve never heard of it before this.

Those are unique and interesting-looking. They all resemble some kind of alien coral growth to me.

I’m going to take some medicinal herbs, turn up the Zager & Evans, and stare at these for a while.


Looks like some sort of secreted resin.

Yeah. But secreted by what?!

Wow. Beautiful, yet also alien and slightly disturbing.

A lot of it looks like a knit sweater.

But the round mouthy things creep me out.

That’s one bad ass fuckin’ fractal.

Is there an interactive viewer