Amazing A Capella Tribute to John Williams

I don’t know who the guy is (and based on the video its one guy, using multitracks), but he’s damn good. He’s made a medley of some of John Williams’ famous themes and sings lyrics based on Star Wars. You can see the video here. (He’s got a pretty good sense of humor, too. The lyrics for the Jaws section are “Kiss your brother! Kiss your brother!”)

That’s not him singing.

Well, it’s *someone *singing, and whoever he is, he’s good.

Not a someone, but a group of someones. A comedy troupe called Moosebutter.

I saw this when it was featured on YouTube. It’s clever, damn catchy, and a great tribute to both Star Wars and John Williams- both the original song and this video set to it. (According to Moosebutter’s site, this first performed this in 1999 on the night of the premiere of Episode I, hence the now-dated reference to Episode III coming to you in 2005.)

This is why the internet was invented.