Amazing artists in unusual media.

Introduce us to a favorite artist working in an untraditional media.

Here’s mine.

Lisa Lichtenfels does incredible, realistic and fantastic figures in fabric. Fabulous stuff.

Who are some artists you like who are outside the beaten paths?

Julian Beever’s sidewalk drawings.

The environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, especially his works made out of leaves.

I’m not sure if Bathsheba Grossman counts; the medium (sculpted metal) is not so unusual, but the process is.

Su Blackwell’s book cut sculpture.

Peter Callasen does intricate 3D paper models out of plain white paper. That is of course an incredible understatement. Check out a couple of his large scale works.

This is what I came here to say.

Neat stuff! I like the pavement art and book cut art a lot.

I also think the Martin and Muñoz snowglobes qualify for this thread.

Just saw this on HuffPo yesterday…

Wash Me!

I’m pretty sure this came from another SDMB thread, but might as well repeat it: here is an amazing work of animated graffiti.

A couple of years ago, Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty reemerged after the Great Salt Lake’s level dropped. It’s way the fuck away from anyplace (well actually, the Golden Spike National Historic Site is near by). I drove out there just to see it and it was awesome.

Oh… WOW!

But… I mean… what the… how did… that’s just… WOW!

Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

This made me feel faint - to cut a book!

I quite like the OP’s contribution. Those fabriquins are amazing.

That is extraordinary.

I really like Jen Stark’s paper sculptures. They are pretty much just construction paper or card stock, but look amazing.

Thank you all for this thread! I knew about *some *of these artists, but you’ve really given me some new directions to look!

I don’t know that’s it’s an unusual media, but Deborah Mae Broad does some pretty freakin’ amazing woodcuts. I ran across her work while on vacation about a year ago. Unfortunately the pictures on her website don’t really do justice to the detail in her work.

Mona Superherouses duct tape and other colored tapes to make amazing “paintings”. It’s all done with tape and X-Acto knife.

3D painted rooms by Felice Varini.

Snopes message board.

This is a fantastic blog for strange and unusual art…