Amazing Race - 11/27

It is once again time for the best reality show on TV.

The current standings:
John Vito/Jill (only team with the Fast Forward available)

Sicne I am clearly an idiot when it comes to predicting who goes home I will stick with this being non-elimination. How do the teams stack up?

Flo/Zach - In first, but they are hampered because by using the FF last episode (rather needlessly as it turned out) they lost their main advantage. Regardless of the time the FF gave them, everyone knows bunching will even it out. They seem weak simply because Flo doesn’t bring much to the table besides whining and language skills. But, legs in countries with a different language just leaves her with whining.

Derek/Drew - Still running a good race. Sure they misplaced a clue, but it probably would have taken them all of 5 minutes to find it. They seem to react well when recovering from potentially damaging situations. I think they also served notice to every other team by being the first ones to correctly traverse the mountain roads and arrive at the pit stops. Maybe that will intimidate another team. Couldn’t hurt.

John Vito/Jill - They still have the fast forward. They have yet to screw up. They have a healthy, stable relationship built on trust and respect. They have strong physical assets and good heads on their shoulders. I tend to think it will take bad luck to keep them from winning, especially with a couple of clearly weaker teams still in the running.

Teri/Ian - You losers. So much for being in first. What happened to your lead? For an idea on how poorly their odds are of winning, one needs only to look at the last leg. They got bunched up and went from 1st to 4th. The only reason they weren’t last is because Ken/Gerard blew a tire. This team is on short time, thankfully.

Ken/Gerard - Last place, but they are good with taxis and airports so it seems like they will catch back up to the group and make headway. Regardless, they seem relaxed and are having fun with the race rather than obsessing over every little thing.

My predictions for the final outcome:
John Vito/Jill

You know, I have no memory of “non-elimination” legs in the previous two races. Have I simply blocked it out of my mind because it’s so frustrating to have some team you detest come in last. . . but be saved by a non-elimination leg? Oy! If that happens tonight and it could be Teri and Ian last in, I think I shall have a rotten Thanksgiving!

I didn’t watch Season 2, but I have a firm memory of non-elimination rounds saving the Guidos at least once in Season 1. Meh.

But yes, like I am every Wednesday, I’m super excited for this episode, even if no one gets eliminated. Go Jill and John Vito!

No non-elimination stops this time so far, they’re down to 5 teams, and they’re still only in Europe. (Mexico, Scotland, Portugal, a long dip down to Morocco, now Austria). We’re not even gonna see Asia or Australia or South America this time before they get back to Miami. No matter - I get enough Thailand in my TV diet.

No guesses from me - they’re all too close, they’re all “playing” too well, and they’re going to wind up on the same plane somewhere.

Gotta wonder what Ian thinks now that he sees how he comes across.

Oh, sigh! A NON-ELIMINATION pit stop. With two more to come, apparently.
After all that huffing and puffing and the bags left on the boat after the boat pilot CLEARLY said it was OK to leave them, nobody gets eliminated. It’s like kissing your brother!
Switzerland is beautiful!
Eye-an and Teri are still a pain in the you-know-what! I most certainly would not have liked to see her pants fall off. Ick!
Drew and Flo? What are they thinking?
And the Oh, Brother team is still so funny, ya gotta love 'em.
This race is so tight at this point, nobody can afford to make a mistake.
God! I love this show!
Did I hear right that next week will be a two-hour episode? (CBS has ditched PRESIDIO MED until January at least, so it could be true!)

That was a great episode. John Vito and Jill going from last to first to last to first to last, and everyone within eyesight of each other most of the time.

God, I can’t wait until Ian gets eliminated.

I was actually glad it was a non-elimination leg, as Oh Brother and JVJ are my two favorite teams. In a pinch, I’d choose Oh Brother, but I was glad to see JVJ squeak through.

What a nervewracking leg. Things are always much tenser when everyone’s within shouting distance of each other.

Ian needs a nice relaxing back massage from a steamroller.

It amused me that both Drew and Ken(?) were flirting with Flo. And that Ken was a bit jealous. Annoying as she is in the race, I do think she’s sexy, and I’d be curious to see what she’s like when she’s not under mondo stress for days on end.

Ken was flirting in a harmless way considering his type is Drew.

I like Ken. He’s not afraid to stir up a little fun.

I’ll answer that as Ian would:

“Well Elvis, I think that those young punks are scared of me. I’m much more macho than them and we’re here, Teri and I, to show all those young punks what older people can do. And that scares them. I’m an ex-cop, ex-marine, private dick and tough as nails (except for the scary stuff or the stuff that’ll get my hands dirty: that’s Teri’s job!). So yknow what? I’m gonna win this thing (hup!hup!hup!hup!) if Teri doesn’t hold me back and all the way up the ladder of success in this Race, the view’s gonna be mighty dull for those punks: all they’re gonna see is my butt.”

I loathe Ian

And Slutbitch Flo isn’t too wonderful either. (One controls one’s hormones when one stands to win a MILLION GODDAMNED DOLLARS and thus does NOT go out of their way to piss off their teammate.



Next week’s ep WILL be 2 hours - Dec 4th, 9:00PM-11:00PM.

Well… we in Singapore may have seen a little more than you folks in the US…

I’d put in a spoiler box, but I can’t work out how to do it! so, here goes…

****Spoiler space

Apparently next week’s two hour extravaganza features a stop-off in Singapore.

After last night’s re-broadcast (we have two sessions here, we see the ‘live’ sattelite broadcast at the same time as the US and then again in local primetime at 8:00) …where was I? Oh, yes, after last night’s re-broadcast there was a short ad with a local celeb, Gurmit Singh, in his Phua Chu Kang characterisation (very difficult to describe outside the S.E.Asian context, suffice to say he’s kind’ve a Singaporean Homer Simpson type).

Apparently the contestants have to find ‘PCK’ and get a clue from him, which suggests that the Singapore stint is more than just a change of planes.

Anyhoo, we had heard rumours of THE RACE coming through S’pore a couple of weeks back from a friend who works at the check-in at the airport. She recognised the contestants when the show came on as being folks she’d checked-in (fame by association?).

We’ll see how it goes. S’pore isn’t big enough to have too many things going on…

ho hum, let’s hope it’s a good bit!

Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll have anyone P.O.'d at you for posting that, dangergene. At least we know that they aren’t going to be in Morocco and Germany/Austria/Switzerland for the whole show (it certainly seemed like that for awhile, though, didn’t it?)

Flo is just unbelievable. Fine, she couldn’t hold up her bag–although Jill, who looks to have a similar, if a bit more muscular, frame is doing just fine–but don’t scream at Zach to hurry up when he’s carrying both bags. Jesus, the chutzpah. And how can she even tell which twin she has the crush on? :wink: They seem to be just jerky enough to pull a switcheroo on her. Has anyone noticed that they seem to be getting more and more assholish with each episode? Now that Aaron and Arianne are gone, and there’s no more constant babbling about twin hunts or whatever, maybe the producers have more time to focus on the real Drew and Derek.

I’ve been watching this for long enough to know, but I still don’t: Which one is Ken and which one is Gerard? Which one is gay - Ken, right? And can a non-flamboyant gay get cast on a reality show anyway?

I never did get Andre and Damon sorted, and now it’s too late.

Same question about Flo: What does she think about the way she comes across on camera? Or is any publicity good publicity?

Yes, Ken is the gay one. He’s the larger one with the beard. And I don’t think he’s very flamboyant at all. Gerard is at least as flamboyant as him, in any case.

Danny (from Oswald & Danny) in TAR2 wasn’t very flamboyant either. So it does happen.

I wonder what Ian thinks about how he’s coming across. What an ass. He reached a new low on this episode. Sheesh.

Flo has now conveniently allied herself to the wonder twins, because of her crush. Twin hunt conveniently forgotten. Poor poor Zach. Putting up with all this for so long, only to be left for a mannequin.

I think Zach is more than happy to let one of the twins take Flo away. The only nice thing that I can say about Flo, besides the fact that she isn’t too hard on the eys (on the ears, definitely), is that she seems to be pretty self-aware that she is annoying and making Zach do all the work. The other teams were kidding her about how Zach’s back hurt from carrying her around.

I’m here! I’m here!

Honest to god, I just finished watching this ep. See, I didn’t get to see it on Wednesday, and the big Thanksgiving party threw my schedule kinda out of whack, and…aw, heck.

Well, looks like we’re going to have two noneliminations in a row for the first time. Not sure why exactly, but it should add a little spice to when they finally get cut down to four. Or something.

Re. Flo…look, I’m all for keeping your options open and not committing yourself too soon, but fer cryin’ out loud, these are your opponnets. Of course they’re eventually going to steer you wrong…that’s what ANY opponent would do. At least wait until after the prizes are awarded before chumming it up.

Teri & Ian have done a good job of staying on the move and not getting discouraged. For all their chemistry woes, I see a definite killer instinct within them that I never saw in Andre & Damon, or Aaron & Arianne, for that matter, and it’s served them very well. Add it all up, though, and I still don’t see them winning. The grind of the race coupled with their incessant bickering will be their undoing, even if it comes down to the very last stretch.

Okay, allow me to close with…a bandwagon pick! (You just knew this was going to happen sooner or later, huh?) The team I want to win the most is John Vito & Jill. Why? Because…well, they just look so good together, which is something I can’t say for anyone else. Go Knicks! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, one more thing…nonelimination rundown.

Amazing Race 1
Lenny & Karen, stage 6: This fun couple, who’d started off on the wrong foot and discovered more and more wrong feet along the way, was on their way to completely collapsing. The noneliminaiton only delayed the inevitable; they were bounced in the very next stage.

Nancy & Emily, stage 8: Not the strongest team to begin with, they were running on fumes at this point. A horrible decision on the next leg to completely ignore the route marker instructions took them out.

Joe & Bill, stage 10: Their incredible good fortune…they were the ones saved by N & E’s blunder…continues with the final nonelimination point. They barely beat out Drew & Kevin in stage 11 to stay alive to the bitter end.

Amazing Race 2
Chris & Alex, stage 6: Both they and Tara & Wil made it to the Pit Stop at nearly the same time. However, they already knew that it was an NE, so neither pairing was in a rush to get there. T & W “politely” let C & A have the good news.

Blake & Paige, stage 8: Had more than their share of problems up until this point; were fortunate to get to the NE and were there at the end.

Oswald & Danny stage 10: Game couple who looked like they might’ve been able to pull it off, but C & A beat them for the final spot in the stretch run.

Of these teams, three didn’t even make it to the final 3, two finished third (Joe & Bill, Blake & Paige), and only one cheated fate and won it all (Chris & Alex).