Amazing Race 4/19 - "Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death"

Show’s almost over and there’s no thread yet, so west coasters there will be spoilers in this OP.

Giving it a bit more room for preview…

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[spoiler]Well that was the most childish pitstop ever. They’re both nasty, obnoxious people. Even with killer fatigue that was ugly.

No surprise in the elimination but at least Mark and Mike ran a good leg. They would have placed well if they had gotten in on the same flight.

I have no idea who will be eliminated next week, it’s going to come down to who screws up the worst…

That would have been an ugly choice of tasks for me. Two left feet or an inability to make a straight line…[/spoiler]

Thank Og, I was beginning to think that in my time away from the boards, we’d totally lost the Amazing Race crew. I’m still watching on Tivo, I’ll be back in a little bit. :slight_smile:

My admittedly biased at who is at fault:

in “Push-Gate”…Luke

Someone needs to call the Whaaaaaaambulance.

In both situations.

Wow, I’m definitely rooting for Tammy and Victor now. It sucks they got the crappy birds, otherwise I’m sure they would have been first. Probably with a huge lead since no one could follow them around. Speaking of which, I hate roadblocks all about luck. There was no skill other than “Can you touch a fish.”

And yeah, Luck was in the wrong. Not that Jen was necessarily in the right…

What really got me was when Margie said, “All hearing people laugh at deaf people.” I wish I could have told her that some of us don’t, because, unlike her son, apparently, we were raised to be polite to people, even when competing with them. As I see it, Luke did shove Jen out of the way at the first clue box, and, at the second one, he basically body-checked her.

I’m rooting for Kisha and Jen. They seem like basically nice people, and they seem to have a pretty good relationship.

Wow. That was definitely childish. But poor Tammy and Victor–standing in the middle of that and probably wishing for nothing else than to bow out gracefully and go take showers.

I was thinking it looked like an accident (albeit a bitchy accident) the first time, and like Luke just had too much momentum the second, but I completely ceased to care when they all started whining.

My husband could’ve sworn Jen pushed (not shoved) Luke out of the way at the first clue box. OTOH I honestly thought Luke shoved Jen first.

Re Margie: I cut her a lot of slack. I can only imagine what it must have been like for her advocating for Luke when he was in school. Of course she’s going to automatically snap into that mode if she so much perceives any sort of threat against him.

There is NO team who I can root for at this point; but if Jamie ends up getting $500,000 out of this, I guess it would be the worst possible outcome (Cara seems fairly easy going though).

Luke grates on me almost as much as Jamie, but I really do like his mother…

Tammy seems OK, but Victor annoys me, though I am not exactly sure why.

And Kisha and Jen (who until today were my favorite remaining racers) showed a side that did not flatter them, although Luke was equally as bad.

In the end, its assinine to shove someone to get to the clue two seconds early—Has a Race ever come down to a matter of seconds???

Just makes all involved look like children.

Well, and realizing that you should just give the fish enough of a toss to make the bird chase it and not send it six or seven feet away from the boat. A few teams didn’t realize that.

Breaking it down far more than it deserves, Jen was being aggressive at the clue box but it just didn’t occur to her that Luke wouldn’t be able to pick up on the same cues that other people would. So to Luke it felt like she was pushing him aside at the box when it wasn’t that serious of an incident. Then at the second box Luke was being a childish dork when he intentionally pushed her. And that’s not getting into any of the silly drama that surrounded it in the taxi rides before finally coming out in that ugly bickering at the mat.

Was anybody else a little put off by Tammy and Victor telling their driver that they were in a race against “foreigners?” The CBS site paints them as nothing but American, but it could be leaving stuff out.

I feel like at the first clue box, it was probably a case of over-active competitiveness. I want to watch it again closer to see who I think is more at fault, but I really felt like neither of them was being mean or bad. I can only imagine, between Killer Fatigue and wanting to win, you might be a little bit ruder. I’m not sure how I feel about the name-calling though, and they were definitely both at fault in the getting mad and talking about (and plotting towards) each other. At least Margie tried to calm Luke down.

I felt so sorry for Tammy & Victor, with no idea what was going on “It wasn’t bad spirited!” And poor Phil having to try to mediate between two teams that he seems to like.

Little things like that have been happening since the start, and I would rather see Jen and Keisha OR Margie and Luke win the $$$ over Victor and Tammy (and most certainly Jamie and Cara!!!)

I think Jen accidently ran into Luke the first time, because he was between her and the clue box. The second time was definately his fault and no accident.

I’ve never liked Luke & Margie. I thought they would be my favorite team because, we have something in common. But from the first episode, Margie has reminded me of why I don’t hang out on “Moms of Handicapped Kids” message boards anymore. One miniute she’s preaching about how her kid is no different than anyone else. He just talks / walks / looks / sees in a different way. Then as soon as something goes wrong in the kid’s world, it’s because “My Precious is handicapped!”

I was thinking the same thing. Even without the blowup at the mat, which may have just been all the stress, after Jen called Luke a bitch, she said something like “You don’t call a deaf person a bitch.”

That put me off right there.

Because he was such a tool about the “climbing the wrong hill” thing earlier in the season?

It seems like they’ve worked it all out though.

I was actually impressed - Jen signed bitch, not just said it. Luke was complaining that if he had “heard” it, he’d be pissed - but she signed it right at him… looked like a sign-language version of saying it to his face.

That certainly was a part of it, but there were several other small things that added together make me dislike the guy—his sister seemed more sympathetic, but she is also a bit “off” and after tonights show, any lingering goodwill I had towards her vanished…

What did she do tonight?