Amazing Race All Stars Ep. 4: "No Babies On The Race!"

Yes! There is a god.



I scared my dog, with the emphatic YES! at the end of the episode. So much for letting sleeping dogs, etc. etc.

But really…best episode EVER. Both in the team that finished first, and the team that finished last.

I am such a happy camper right now!!!

Talk about instant Karma.

And due to the time change, I can watch it again right now and enjoy every minute…

As soon as Phil said “the names must be spelled correctly” I knew Rob was in trouble.

But I never thought it would lead to this! Is this the first time in TAR history a team went from first to worst when the field was still so large?

Oh yeah, and I really liked the letters from previous seasons’ team mates. The one from Frank for the Guidos was really funny, and I thought the one to the beauty queens from one of the 'Bama moms was very nice in the circumstances. Did both Uchenna and Joyce and Rob and Amber get their letters from the same team? I think they did. The tone was markedly different

(While I was typing this my five minutes to edit went by.)

Well, I guess I’m the first person to be disappointed in this ending. If there was ANYONE still in the race that I’d pay the Amazing Producers to deliberately leave at an airport somewhere, it’s Mirna. Her whole martyr soliloquy about how NO ONE in the history of this race has had to work as HARD as her to make up for the SHORTCOMINGS of their teammate was complete and utter Christ Complex bullshit. I have one word for you, Mirna: Zach. Charla tries to do what she can to help. Flo may as well have been a CPR dummy for all the good it did Zach to drag her around the world. AND HE WON, despite what was (and let me assure you, she was) the single biggest handicap any racer has had to face in the entire history of this show.

I would trade Rob and Amber for your pinchy little big-mouthed face in Sequesterville any day of the year, and pay for the privilege…

Oh, and can I just, once again, gush over Oswald? “Come, darling…let us read together the roadblock” made me weak in the knees…the man could probably read my C-PAP machine’s operating instructions and have me melting in the palm of his hand…

I would have been undismayed had Charla and Mirna been eliminated. For reasons unknown to me, I was more annoyed by them on this leg than on any other leg. (Although that martyr speech bugged me, big time, because while Charla can’t do everything, Mirna is such a wimp . . .)

Also, I don’t particularly dislike the team that lost this leg, although I think they have stretched their 15 minutes of fame to the breaking point, and I think Rob is generally too aggressive a competitor for my taste.
But I just loved the fact that they went from first to last in one episode, and with Rob dropping from the standard to which all others must compare, to total elimination, no chance to recover.

Would I have been crushed had things worked out differently? No, not really, might have been interesting to see if they could have clawed their way back up to the top.

But I can’t say that I’m upset by the way things worked out.

I’ll never understand why people like Charman and Miral (whatever) say shit like, “Why did you lie to us?” Anymore than I understand why Amber didn’t reply, “Because we are in a race and we want to beat you, dumbass!”

Yay! Ozzie and Danny! My favorite team in first place! That more than makes up for Romber losing. Yes, I liked them. Especially when Amber (when did she get a personality?) messed with Mirna & Charla.

Oh Mirna? You’re not a martyr. Stop acting like one. “No one has done more on the race”? Excuse me? Zach would kick your ass for that, if he wasn’t a much nicer person.

The letter from Frank (is he no longer married to Margarita?) was funny, and it was nice of Lyn to write the BQs, but I thought the letters from Susan & Patrick were kinda nasty.

Amanda & Chris on Season 4 and Alison & Donny on Season 5 both went from first on Leg 1 to elimination on leg 2. And Dave & Josh from Season 4 went from 1st to 9th to 1st to elimination on the first four legs.

As a native of the Philippines, it’s always bugged me when someone misspells the name of the country. I’m so glad that its inexplicably difficult spelling contributed to Romber’s demise.

I just want to thank you all for making me start watching this season. I kept seeing the threads and reading them last race. Now, because i watched, i got to see a team that I had grown to dislike over a few episodes eliminate one of the great evils of the 21st century.

You know, I don’t care if another team was more disproportionate. Mirna, you carried your cousin all the way this round, and raced really well. Others can hate you, and I may hate you in another episode, but tonight, you ruled.

I love this show, and I love the fact that that Rob lost. I love the fact that Amber is stuck with his sorry ass, too. <sniff> <sniff> Yep, that is schadenfreude you smell.

Many people have trouble knowing the right number of Ls and Ps, but Rob left out whole syllables, as well as misspelling the syllables he did include.

I think what doomed them is that they kept assuming they had the order wrong, and never thought to spell-check.

I’m bewildered by Uchenna thinking Magellan left from Guam.

Good Lord, what the hell is wrong with Mirna?

Seriously, when she was yelling at Charla as they were carrying the signage parts up the stairs, she was so obnoxious. After Charla put the pole on her shoulder, I wanted her to yell, “Ramming speed!” and butt Mirna off my TV.

As a consolation prize, Rob and Amber were given a two week vacation in the Phillipeans.

They need to find an airline that will fly there.

I’m sorry to see Rob and Amber go this early because they could have made things more exciting later on. Yet another team I was rooting for done in by a Needle In A Haystack challenge. But that’s The Race–that’s how it goes.

And I have to admit–I’m a little in love with Mirna. In a “Damn, that bitch is CRAZY but somehow I’m attracted to her” kind of way. Did you see her yelling at Charla as Charla tried her best to carry the sign-making supplies up those stairs? Charla was so confused! What the hell was Mirna trying to get her to do? And remember a couple of weeks ago when they stopped on the side of the road to get a cab driver to give them directions and then the other teams were passing them so they panicked and Mirna just went crazy and threw money at the cab driver and promised him her first born child. CRAZY. Totally fucking nuts! And she reminded us this episode that she’s a lawyer! Holy shit, would you want her representing you in a courtroom? No way!

And yet, I still find her kinda hot. I don’t know what it is about her. Maybe she reminds me a little of an old girlfriend. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a fake Spanish accent.

I would rather watch Rob and Amber for an hour a day for the rest of my life than endure another hour of Charla and Mirna existing. I could almost stand them in their first season but to compare their presence this season to fingernails on a chalkboard is an insult to fingernails and chalkboards everywhere.

I have never watched Survivor so I don’t know either Rob or Amber from there, but their last time around on TAR, the two episodes of them I saw this season and the random appearances of Rob I’ve seen on various poker and Sci Fi Channel shows leave me mystified as to why there’s the visceral loathing of them. They are strong competitors who play every angle they can without crossing the line and they get their opponents to waste enormous amounts of time and energy worrying about them instead of concentrating on the race.

Second everything said so far about the sexiness of Oswald. The “let us read the Roadblock” line was teh hot. Totally rooting for him and Danny.

Don’t much care about any of the other teams. Ian seemed to be returning to form with his barked commands. Terry seems less willing to take it though. No one else is distinguishing themselves too terribly much.

I’m pulling for a final three of Oswald and Danny, Uchenna and Joyce and anyone but Charla and Mirna.

I totally get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all, but I don’t really understand the whole “Mirna is kind of attractive” thing. Her face is pinched and drawn, people have probably been injured on her nose, and you could hide a walnut in the cleft in her chin.