Amazing Race April 10th, Delays Possible from the Masters

Set your DVR accordingly. Masters is looking like it has a good chance for a playoff. that will definitely delay TAR.

Well… Kent’s a dick.

The meaning of life is so true!

Disappointed we didn’t see anybody screw up the phrase.

“Over the speed, you once pick up the hill.”

Good result. There are no completely unlikeable teams left. I found myself cheering a bit at the reveal.

Did…did I just see Kent all but bodily remove somebody from the cab I assume the gentleman had paid for? It takes a lot of doing to make me wish Ron and Christina had gotten to the Pit Stop before you.

If only Vyxnn (sp?) and Christina could have formed a team.

I was all set to say “No more unlikeable teams now” but then Kent had to be double-plus annoying this episode. Oh well, maybe next time.

Also, did anyone else expect a team to screw up the hay task? The Amazing Editors highlighted the hay in such a way that screamed “This is important. Someone will make a mistake.” I figured someone would take just one, or grab something else entirely. After all, when I think hay, I don’t think “green.”

Between the cab thing and abandoning Gary after promising to work with him until they got the clue, Kent really fell as far as my opinion of him goes.

And I’m pretty sure Vyxxxxsin told the passenger to “shoo”.

I, too, wish Ron and Christina had gotten there before Kent and Vyxsin. Kent i s useless.

On the other hand, I hope that in the months between when this was shot and now, they’ve gotten Ron a good Neuro workup. I really think he’s got something going on.

I kind of can’t imagine that they’d have done that kind of thing in the US. I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen any racer do that before on the race at all. I’ve seen racers negotiate with the current passengers of taxis to get them to concede their cab. I’ve seen racers run to get a taxi before another (racer or non-racer) party got to it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any racer all but toss the current occupant of a taxi out the door.

I’m pretty sure Ron would’ve walked all the way across India if he had the chance in the Roadblock.

I think we need to add a new TAR rule (it may seem obvious, but they all are):
If, during the course of a challenge, you’ve walked a long way without seeing other teams currently competing or see any part of said challenge, you’ve gone too far.
Sub-rule: Don’t overthink challenges.

I was waiting for Ron to complain that the sadus were incompetent at being holy men because he couldn’t find them.

I also thought it was cute when the cowboys said, “We came halfway around the world to haul hay.” They did a pretty impressive job of catching up.

Yeah, anyone else flying in an hour behind everyone else I would’ve written off completely, barring a non-elimination/double leg/rule breaking. I had a feeling the Cowboys could catch up. Once they got to the roadblock with other teams still there I stopped worrying.

What happened to the Goths? I really liked them a lot in their season, and so put them in my top 3 this time around. Well not only did they get replaced weeks ago, they had me almost hoping that RON would beat them to the mat! Wow were they horrible tonight.

Love watching my cowboys move up, and so happy to watch Zev & Justin do so well. Loved Zev’s comment about how “Mal-mal” gave him some earplugs! Mallory is just all kinds of awesome, as is her dad. I will be equally happy if any of those three teams win, although I do have my personal order of preference.

To some degree, I have felt a little bit of sympathy for Vyxsin, as she is clearly submissive to Kynt, (when the fuck did she start carrying his pack for him?) though with a few flashes of defiance occasionally peeking thru her doormat personality, (like when Kynt blames bumping his head on the cab’s trunk on the hapless cab driver, yelling at him “Why didn’t you warn me?!?” and then tells Vyxsin he is probably bleeding and she replies with “Yeah, whatever” :D) but I was reminded how she is a nasty bitch in her own right when she tried to help Kynt commandeer a taxi with passengers already in transit…

Ron’s heart wasn’t ever in the Amazing Race, and he and poor Christina (who seems like a decent young woman who has doubtlessly put up with a lot from her domineering daddy over the years) were obviously chosen for dramatic effect, not because they were actually a viable winning team.

I never saw Vyxin as submissive to Kent. It’s just that Kent is so spectacularly worthless that she knows she has to do pretty much everything or they’ll lose.

I did find it entertaining when Vyxin freaked out on the boat and plunged into the river, prompting Kynt to throw a hissy fit and yell at her to keep it together.

I was worried about the Cowboys until they got to the roadblock and Ron was still wandering around lost. Then I knew they’d be okay.

I’m hoping that Kent and Vyxin lose next week so we’ll just be left with the actual contenders.

How did all the teams get to the pit stop? They showed that whole part with Ron/Christina and Kent/Vyxin deciding between the boats or cabs, but it seemed like everyone just walked since they didn’t show anything I can remember.