Amazing tales of coincidence

You guys are never gonna believe this.

I needed a change from cafeteria food tonight, so I went to get a smoothie and a pretzel. I was feeling down about not having any particular thing to do or anyone to hang with. On a complete whim, I went to a noodle restaurant instead.

I order some food and go upstairs to get a seat by the window. A couple of minutes later, I notice that I’m sitting two tables away from a girl I met at a dance a couple of weeks ago. I look a couple more times to make sure it’s her - yep, it’s her. She’s sitting with a couple of butchy girls and two other normal-looking girls. Oooh, I think, a big lesbian posse.

I start wondering whether or not to go over and say hi. (Also, I confirmed that I’m probably allergic to something in pad thai, so I spent a couple of minutes trying to convince my stomach not to jettison all the food I’d just eaten. It worked this time.) On one hand, it would be completely socially awkward, and there’s always the possibility she’d have been blitzed at the dance and not remember me entirely and - oh crap, they’re getting up to leave, better make a decision.

“Hi,” I say to her. “Remember me?”

“Of course I do!” she says. “You went to school with me last year.”
…WTF?? :confused:

And out of nowhere, here comes Ben, my best friend from the school I just transferred from. He was one of the two guys I’d mistaken for butch girls!

So here’s how it turned out: The girl I saw in the restaurant is NOT the girl I met at the dance, but she looks disturbingly like her. Instead, she’s one of the crazy people whom I hung out with once or twice last year. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize any of them! (Although Ben said he thought I was a guy because of my new haircut, so I guess it all evens out.)

How likely is this? That I’d walk into a random restaurant in my neighborhood and meet five people from my old school, 100 miles out of town, here for one night to see a show? (They didn’t have my phone number, else I’d have heard about this.)

So of course I blew off my homework and went to the show with them. Brought the group back to my room to get tipsy before the show, and they injected some much-needed coolness into my building. Had a great time with people I know and like, in a smoky little club with an awesome, awesome band.

Heh, and now it’s 1:30 AM and I have to deal with all the homework I blew off. :cool:

That’s pretty cool.

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