Amazing what you see sometimes

K, so there I was innocently waking up at some ungodly hour to the strangest movie sounds.

What is up with Sukiyaki Western Django?!

I like the blind swordsman movies, and I like westerns but this was rather over the top. Someone obviously had too much money and time [and access to a production company]

I really liked that one! I was watching it and a friend sat and saw some of it with me. She asked, “Is this set in the American west or the Japanese west?” We decided it was simply set in The West.

Maybe if I could see it from the beginning … but at oh my freaking god in the morning when you pop awake to the final fight … :dubious:

Okay, yeah, that would make no sense. See the whole thing. Just the interesting little twists in the details, taking traditional western images and throwing in the Japanese cultural flavor, make it well worth watching. Plus, it’s fun!