Amazon Grand Tour November 18th

Just saw that amazon has announced the new “top gear” successor Grand Tour will be starting November 18th. Has a pretty cool trailer. Can’t wait.


Sweet, thank you for the reminder!

Just watched the first episode. Very much like the original (recent) Top Gear. When doing car bits it is still the best. Beautiful photography and sound. Some slight Americanization, which didn’t work very well.
I would say definitely worth the $0 cost.

Yeah, loved it. No expense is spared to produce a show of incredible quality and it’s as politically incorrect as ever. Jeremy Clarkson said, “It’s the internet, I could pleasure a horse and not get fired.” (Now that I would pay good money to see!)

The boys are back. I felt there were places where it dragged. The guest segment and the slagging off America segment for starters.

In the hybrid supercar segment, I would have liked to see May turn things around by using a hybrid HGV.

Overall I give it 8.5/10.

I liked it. Top quality car porn, juvenile bantering, wacky hijinks… most of what I wanted from old Top Gear, really. Still, my favorite bits used to be the wacky challenges involving creative “engineering” (all done by a team of actual engineers, not the hosts, of course), competition between the hosts, and good old British suffering.

The ordinary car porn is fun enough to watch when it’s well presented, but it’s not like I’ll ever re-watch it or look it up on Youtube like I will “Jeremy rolls a Reliant Robin”, or “James tries to praise his cheap, old, busted, leaky, British convertible”.

Here’s hoping for more Challenges.

I liked it, bout the only thing that felt strained was the almost automatic segue into the old top gear, and then the tap dance around it.

To paraphrase Richard Hammond in season something or other in the old TG

American money under British Control

Well I have to say, if you didn’t watch it on a good 4K HDR TV, then find someone that’s got one and watch it at least one more time. This show is being shot as a showcase for 4K HDR, and I’ve heard it theorised that the reason Amazon bid so much and is spending so much on this show is partly to sell more 4K HDR TV’s, of which they believe a big chunk will be bought off Amazon.

The car porn with with the blinding sunny highlights and dark track and tyres is the perfect content for HDR and it really really has to be seen. As for the show itself, I liked it very much, except for “The American”. If he can’t even do laps in hypercars on a real track then he’s useless, ditch him and get someone else please.

OK but not brilliant. Too hokey and forced. Here’s to hoping that it develops into something as good as Top Gear.

Does anyone know if Amazon will ever release this on DVD/Bluray? Because I don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime and don’t expect to.

I would be amazed if they don’t release it on disc in both HD versions and 4K HDR versions, but will probably hold it back for a while to drive signups for Amazon Prime.

Overall pretty entertaining. 3 bits sucked, though - the Nascar driver’s “personality,” the dead celebrities bit, and the faux fight about the Royal AF.

Haven’t watched it yet, saving it for the holiday weekend binge. Any sign of The Stig?

I’ve only been able to watch about the first 30-40 minutes or so. Jeremy referred to whoever it was driving around their new “most dangerous ever” track as “a friend of mine.” Couldn’t help but wonder…

I quite enjoyed it. The hypercars were awesome, and I liked them laughing and cringing at the terrible segment intros.

No, The Stig, as a property, was retained by the actual/new Top Gear people. They now have “The American”, whose mythos would have been ok if they didn’t let him speak.

Also, I could do without having a live studio audience. I was hoping they would do away with that, but it is back and now worse.

I really liked the episode. Although I could do with a bit less of the supercars. It feels like their target audience is the sultan of Brunei. I think their best shows are were they’re in really crapy cars doing wired things.

I’ve applied to be part of the Loch Ness audience.

'The holy trinity" had been something they were trying to arrange on Top Gear and Ferrari never agreed to it. Now that they have done that I’m thinking it’s likely we’ll get some of the low budget challenges in the future.