Amazon is buying MGM

The price tag is US$8.45 billion.

That’s going to give Amazon a whole lot of IP!

I’m not enthusiastic about the deal, tho: it’s just consolidating more wealth and power, IMO.

That makes me feel better about the $127 I just paid for my Prime auto-renew.

Are we going to see the Young Bond novels being adapted for TV?

The articles I’ve read suggest that Amazon is overpaying and that the true worth is about $5 billion. But part of what MGM owns is Mark Burnett’s production company (which produces Shark Tank, among other things), so one of the late night shows jokingly suggested that the premium was worth it to Jeff Bezos so he could see the outtakes from The Apprentice. Supposedly Donald Trump says really racist and other offensive things in the bits that didn’t air.

MGM/Burnett owns the format for the apprentice. For the actual shows Trump owns 50% and he would need to write off any use of footage from them.

Would Bezos need Trump’s authorization to view the outtakes for himself? IF so, the overpayment might be worth it to him.

Which would only contribute to cementing Bezos position as a real-life super-villain, IMO.

Will this improve prime video streaming in any way? Will they put all of MGMs films on their site?

Bezos would still hate me ( and I’d be damned if I’d ever work for him in one of his Slave Hubs).

When/if he ever wants me to work for him, he will 100% Fully Fund WaPo, drop all the Pay Wall BS, and do his best to morph back into a normal human being.

Those were commissioned by the Ian Fleming Estate, with no connection to the Broccolis or MGM.

I like the way that the headline hints that the pinnacle of MGM’s productions over the decades are the Bond movies and Shark Tank. I imagine the US version is as good as the Australian one. I didn’t make it through the one episode I tried to watch.