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Considering how little has happened in the first four episodes, I don’t think that will be a problem.

fair enough, I think I’m going to watch “Andor” instead for the time being and wait and see what the opinion is on TROP as a whole season.

I feel like they should just get a half-day.

This most recent episode was pretty good. I still don’t think Adar is Sauron, but I do that the Stranger is Gandalf. In fact, we did see the weird blue-eyed person who very likely is Sauron this episode. Not sure on what Adar’s game is yet. I’d be happier if the elf in Numenor was anyone but Galadriel. I just can’t see this fiery woman as the serene leader we meet in LOTR.

Adar is Sauron, Halbrand is Sauran, Adar is Sauron, the Stranger is Sauron, and the new dude in white robes is Sauron. :crazy_face:

I was pretty sure the Stranger was Sauron, but that song - all that wander are not lost… that is pretty Gandalf like.

My friend and I are still cracking up over this remark!

He also loves your handle.

Thank you!

So “The Stranger” is almost certainly a Wizard, no?

LOTR is set how many thousands of years later? I’d hope there was character growth and change over that time. This is still her relative youth and she is about to have some huge opportunities for personal development. In real people I’ve known people who were fiery at 18 and quite relaxed at 50.

She has learned, but, being a willowy blonde, she hasn’t had to do much fighting before this. She says her training started out with crowds of “orcs” screaming and charging her, until she learned not to flinch.

So what percentage of RenFaires are going to have performances of “This Wandering Day” next season?

According to the credits, “the new dude in white robes” is called “the Dweller” and is played by New Zealand actress Bridie Sisson, and their (not sure what pronoun to use here; Sisson is a transgender woman who uses she/her, but that doesn’t necessarily mean her character is also a woman) compatriots are named “the Ascetic” and “the Nomad”.

Apparently one of the producers mentioned in an interview that the three are travelers from the land of Rhun. I’m sure there’s absolutely nothing symbolic about three mystics from the east following a star in search of a man of great power. :wink:

All of them. You know, I had been thinking the series had sorely been lacking in singing up to this point.

And it was really sung by the actress, which is cool. Also, it’s interesting that Arondir’s actor Ismael Cruz Córdova has a small scar on his eyebrow that they took away from his elf-face. I wonder why. Do elves have special healing magic? I forget if it’s said in the books/movies.

And while it’s on my mind, the complaint about elves that they’re “going to take our jobs” in Numenor seems silly. There are lots of reasons to be disdainful or untrusting of them, but that seems low on the totem pole.

Earlier on the thread someone noted the lack of effort made to make Galadriel appear taller than the average human. In this episode they went out of their way with camera angle perspectives to place Halbrand as significantly taller than her. I do not understand this choice.

This show is committing the all too common, but foolish, error of making its entire first season “build up” with almost no pay-offs. Erik Kripke, from Supernatural and The Boys, has talked about this a lot. You are NOT making a 40 hour or even 8 hour movie. You are making a TV show and we need pay-offs and mini-climaxes throughout the season, not just buildup and a thrilling final episode.

I think that this season will slowly build and only in the final episode will reveal who The Stranger is(I’m betting a Wizard) and also some kind of Sauron reveal.

First thing I said to my wife was, “Hey, they followed the star like shepherds!”

By most reckonings, she should have lived more than half her life (that is, her life up to LOTR happens) by now. like, 5000 up to this series vs 3000 after.

So I’ve no idea what the elf equivalent of dog years is. That could be the equal of a human at 15 and 24? Having lived through serious war experiences, personal losses, tragedies, and triumphs in the interim … I’d not be surprised to see growth and change in a human on the other side of teen years. See Anakin’s change for example! Plus portion of lifetime or not, 3000 years is lots of time to have experiences impact a sentient being.

Apparently it wasn’t planned. The company was out at a karaoke bar, the actress sang something, the showrunners asked her if she’d like a song in the show, she said “Yes,” and a new scene was added. I quite like it; it sounds like Tolkien, and it sounds like Harfoots as we have come to know them.

I personally think Galadriel’s story is getting better and so is the actress. She seemed to be getting more interesting in last week’s episode and further improved in this week’s. I don’t mind her being fiery. In fact, it improves her robotic appearances in the first episode.

Oh, I agree-I can see why they chose this actress when she started showing some emotion. It might have been more powerful if we’d seen her and her brother together, but she did well. Do we think Halebrand is like Waldreg (the old secret Sauron worshipper) in that he’s a person who’s already pledged service? It can’t just be starting in the one village.

If the 15 yo had already participated in a rebellion against the Gods, travelled halfway across the world into exile, became besties with a demigoddess, and hung around royal courts … and then spent 15-24 mostly lording it over “lesser” elves with her beau. More-or-less.

I’d say it’s more like 45 vs 72.

I’m not saying she didn’t grow in the Third Age. I’m saying in the legendarium (as opposed to this series) she was no spring chicken, but already a Queen with power and might.