Amazon refunded me $3 because Export fee reduced. A nice delayed surprise.

Way, way back in early December I placed an order that got shipped to a giftee in Canada. Amazon charged me the special shipping and Export fees. I thought that was that. Done.

2 months later I get a email letting me know $3 was refunded on my visa. Export fee reduced

:confused: I had no idea that was even an option. But, Iโ€™ll happily accept it.

thats my mundane post for today. :slight_smile: Now I can hit McDonalds dollar menu for lunch.

No, no. That was a windfall; you need to treat yourself. Thatโ€™s almost Jack in the Box money!

Amazon overcharged you $3 then gave it back to you months later.

Amazon refunded $4 to me because between the time I bought my Series 3 Sherlock DVD and the time it was shipped, the price was reduced.