Amazon says DOD denied them a contract since Trump dislikes Bezos

Trump regularly bashes Bezos and the Wash. Post.

I would guess this ends up in court eventually.

Could you give us just a little more to chew on?

Doesnt Bezos and Amazon have contracts with the CIA and also own the Post which reports on this agency? That seems like a conflict of interest.

ETA:: And wouldnt a contract with the DoD inherently possess the same conflict?

I don’t know any more that what is in the linked article. Pretty sure Bezos has no role at the Post other than being the owner. Amazon probably does have other US government contracts.

Very common for the losing bidders to protest a very big contract award like this. It’s not common that the protest is upheld.

It appears to be an issue.

Eta: that prob wasnt the best cite. There are plenty tho

I worked for a place that got bought by a big company that had a lot of DOD and CIA contracts. We had a division that did a lot of work in 3rd world countries. They sold that division off because they knew it would not be good for those people working in 3rd world countries to be linked to DOD/CIA.

Seems possible. Trump held up aid to a country at war with Russia. Is it so outrageous to suspect that he might want to punish Bezos for owning a newspaper that is critical of him?

Now, just because it is plausible doesn’t mean it happened. But we are talking about a President who isn’t on a first name basis with the concept of ethics.

I don’t think we have enough information to make any useful comments on this.

Every President since FDR, and probably before, has complained about the obstructionist government bureaucracy. Without more evidence, it’s impossible to say whether the DOD was carrying out Trump’s wishes or its own plans.

Given the number of articles that are critical of Amazon and Bezos that appear in the post, it’s pretty clear that Bezos doesn’t exert a lot of editorial control.

Judge blocks Microsoft work on the contract while Amazon’s lawsuit goes forward