Amazon wanting me to answer customers questions

has anybody else been asked by an amazon customer to answer a question about a product? I am not getting paid by amazon to do customer service work for them . Then when I wrote an email to them stating that the richest man in the world should hire customer service repersantives to handle the questions and to stop bothering me about it. I got a a response of dont talk shit about the might tzar or you will be kicked off . lol what a joke

So you want Amazon to review their own products?

Sure. All the time. If I can answer somebody’s question about a product that I have already purchased, that’s a public service to other potential purchasers.

People that answer questions about a product that I am considering benefit me, too.

this was not a review i was nt leaving a review i was being asked a question about the fitment of an engine hone. I am not on amazons salary roll so why should i be answering such questions at all or thought that i should its crazy . hire people for this shit

Amazon is just a storefront.
They don’t know anything about what they sell.
Fortunately, most people are happy to share their knowledge, to help others. You must not be one of those people.

Meh not worth it.

I believe you can turn it off somewhere in the settings if you don’t want to get these requests.

its a position that other retailers employee people with its called retail . get it . I am not employed by them to do this service for them and they can easily hire people that would can do this service for them with out a problem . but you know what is keeping him from doing this ? greed that is what . I didnt know after purchasing something on amazon that i would be solicted to answer questions that a qualified reoersative of amazon should . you probally work for them

Maybe you should buy from a different company…

I can’t find a setting in my profile, but I know I stopped them somehow years ago. Take a look at the bottom of one of the emails, maybe there’s an opt-out link there.

He should go ask a Walmart floor walker about engine hones. Obviously to work for a company means you have tried and know about every single product of the 100,000s+ products they sell.

Ya from one that has integrity and knowledge of what they sell . And why and how does the person know that i am qualified to answer the questions cuz i just might not be . Having a paid repersantive would insure me as the person asking the questions that i am getting the correct information i need before i purchase . its called retail

You can just ignore the request.

absolutely true. I dont know if i am the only one has bought things from them and they arrive and are nothing as was shown or desribed hiring people top proof read this stuff would be a benifit and the budget allows for it no problem but they dont

If you look below a product at amazon, you will see a Q and A section. People have asked Qs. Some of the answers to those Qs are because Amazon emails out the person’s question to people who have previously ordered the product.

This is the email you received. Had you answered the question. You might have showed up as one of the A’s.

These answers are screened though, and you didn’t make it through the screening process and got warned for talking smack about Amazon in a way that could have gotten posted below the product had your answer slipped through.

your right that is what i did . because i am not employed by them . employe people for this

Aren’t you doing the very same thing here … to all of us ?


for instance about the engine hone. maybe this was the first one i have ever bought how does that qualify me to answer the question of fitment . I have answered rthem before stating i would love to help you out but i am not qualified in doing so and would hate to give you falsi information so you waste your time and money on a product i said would work . thats just dumb

doing what asking you a question about your own expiernce and what you think of it ?

I think you mean Night Tsar?