Amber waves of grain?

I’m wondering if anyone knows where in the United States one might find amber waves of grain as mentioned in the song America the Beautiful.

Anywhere that the grains wheat, oats, barley are grown. They are that color at harvest time.


Look in Kansas at harvest time. You’ll see “amber waves of grain”. Kansas Wheat Fields

Ack, didn’t add. Kansas is also windy, apart from growing so much wheat, so the grain ripples in the wind. The movement really does look like ocean waves, I’ve seen the ocean, wind moving through a wheat field looks very similar.

hmm, do you know where in Kansas? I’ve driven through there and only saw corn fields

The song was inspired by the view from Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs.
From the Library of Congress

Pretty much the entire Midwest. It’s the nation’s Bread Basket and, if I remember correctly, one of, if not the, highest grain producing areas of the world. I’m not so sure on the last part though and someone may be along shortly to correct me.

And corn is a grain, mewilliamson.

mewilliamson You must have taken an eccentric route, there are other grains, and indeed other crops produced in Kansas, but I believe wheat is the primary crop that comes from Kansas. Kansas is a farming state.

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

There are no amber fields of grain …


Here are some excerpted facts from the site I linked in response to Aesiron’s post.


Ok, we got the amber waves of grain covered.

What about the purple mountains majesty? :smiley:

Heck, I see those everyday. Here’s the view of them purple mountains from my parent’s house.

sorry but that link looks more like spam to me.