AMC show: James Cameron's story of science fiction - anyone watching these??

Link here:

Looks interesting, but I have no familiarity with his style as an interviewer.

Anyone seen it? Worth watching??

It is not bad as these things go. Though they of course do a lot on the movies, for th visuals, they acknowledge written sf and classic authors like Heinlein. I was happy to see that lots of the comments were by current authors like N K Jemison, not the usual Hollywood suspects.
Cameron only interviews - or has a discussion with - directors like Spielberg and Lucas and Ridley Scott, which works because they are discussing sf movies as equals.
It is not self-promotion. If anything Cameron’s movies get less air time than they probably deserve.
It is by topic, not by chronology, which I can see but which leads to some duplication.

Bumped. The one tonight was on monsters, and when they covered Carpenter’s thing they originally made it sound like he came up with the story. I had just finished talking back to the TV when they segued into a fairly long sequence on John Campbell, his importance to SF, and a description of what led to the idea for “Who Goes There.”
Well done writers!

Thanks. I’m on the road for work but have debating whether to DVR it. I am surprised this feels so below the radar.

Watched the first two and learned three important things:

  1. The AMC app works for shit on my tablet and I’ll have to watch it on the TV because I can’t watch it in a browser.
  2. Their show ‘The Terror’ is not a horror series but is about the damned Franklin expedition.
    A. No, thanks. The face of Leading Stoker John Torrington (look it up yourself) already haunts my dreams.
    B. Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ would make a much better miniseries.
  3. I may need to take a Sci-Fi class at Georgia Tech. Hello, Professor!