AMC's The Prisoner - What brand of cars are used in the Village?

Finished watching the Prisoner…not that impressed. Can’t believe they actually advertised the DVD for sale in March 2010!!! Really?

But the question that I have is what kind of cars were those used in the Village scenes? Especially 313’s little red convertible.

AMCs, of course. Didn’t you recognize the Gremlin? :smiley:

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

The taxis were Renault Dauphines.

I saw at least one Morris Minor.

The black van (only watched the first two hours) was a Bedford CA.

All the vehicles had a sort-of late 1960s/early 70s European feel, I think.

Here’s a picture of the mystery vehicle.

It’s a classic Skoda Felicia, though I don’t know how they’ve fucked up the bonnet like that.

Have to watch it again. Thought they used Mini Mokes, but that might be the Dave Clark Five in “Having a Wild Weekend.”

I got the reference. :slight_smile:

The Mini Mokes are in the original 1967 The Prisoner. This thread is about the 2009 series on AMC, with different cars.

There’s an Internet database for just about everything these days. They should have a page for “The Prisoner” (2009) soon.