AMD GHz vs Intel GHz

I am thinking about a new PC and see that Athlon processor machines are a bit cheaper than Pentiums.

Does anybody now if a 1 GHz Athlon processor will run real-world apps at about the same speed as a 1 GHz Pentium III? If not any idea on the relative speeds?

Are there any other reasons why AMD is better/worse than Intel?

A CPU Comparison Chart

An even more elaborate one

Some more useful info

The Answer To All Your Dreams :wink:

In short, yes. The Athlon 1GHz is faster in most applications than a P3 1GHz, and the 1.2 GHz Athlon is even faster than the 1.5GHz P4 in many applications.


Oh…the Athlon is also considerably cheaper. I think there’s no reason whatsoever to buy an Intel chip at this time.


Thanks, this is what I wanted to hear :slight_smile: