Amendment to "Head up their ass."

A particular subcategory of head up their ass people occurred to me today. I do not exclude myself form occasional membership in the head up my ass club. But I think there is a particular subcategory of the procto cranial group we may all occasionally be members of that I stumbled upon. Others may have used this term before, but I have never heard it.
I propose. “Head up their ass and loving the view”. Applied in particular to those at a higher level of public stature, and knowing it. Famous even. But maybe just thinking they are famous. Or infamous.
People so self absorbed that they do not notice that their viewpoint on some or many things, is seen only within their colon. But that only adds to their satisfaction with the view.
Yes this is pointless and mundane. No need to comment on that. It is posted here.
Head up their ass and loving the view. I like it.

I’ve always referred to it as the anal-cranial inversion and yes, some do love the view so much they never let it change.

I’ve also been known to proclaim “There goes a man who frequently wears his ass for a hat.”

With profuse apologies to Beck and all the other Arkies, my mother always said, “with his head up his ass and his mind in Arkansas.”

I asked Momma, why Arkansas? There are 49 other states!

She said it’s because of an old rivalry between Missouri and Arkansas.

In case you can’t tell, Momma was from Missouri.


Hey! What, no recognition for Florida and Texas? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: