America: Freedom to Fascism- the legality of the income tax

OK, my friend is making me watch this movie right now, about how the income tax in the U.S. is illegal, unconstitutional, etc. I searched for previous threads on this topic, but obviously couldn’t include words like tax or irs, so found very little.

So, is the income tax legal? Does the constitution prohibit it? Just looking for counterarguments because he’s got a fancy-looking movie to back him up :p. (I am posting this while the movie is in progress, so I can’t post any specific claims yet, although I’ll be able to answer questions on it later. You can find it on google video if you’re so inclined.)

Tell me, have I been fooled all these years? Is the IRS stealing my money?

16th Amendment

I don’t know what arguments the movie is putting forward, but Cecil has already tacked one particular anti-tax argument.

Oh God help us, here we go again.

Here are some previous threads on this topic:

Links can be found in those threads but the IRS web site has a section devoted to nutty anti-tax arguments (and why they’re not going to get you anything but trouble), every court in the land up to and including the Supreme Court has shot them down, etc.

Here is the ultimate website:

They call such things “Idiot Legal Arguments: A Casebook for Dealing with Extremist Legal Arguments” and they are right.

I know what they end up calling these people once the court procedings are over…

Inmate # …

That’s enough for me not to take these things too seriously. The John Birch Society for all it’s opposition to the 16th Amendment & the progressive income tax does not recommend people try these legal stunts. They do recommend repeal of the 16 Amendment by Congress and state legislatures.

Tell your friend that the American Revolution was illegal under British law and so:

  • he owes allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II
  • he owes back taxes to Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue (and they make the IRS look like pussies)
  • his house is forfeit under British claims for war damages

:rolleyes: :smack: :confused: :eek:

And this one:

Tax protesters are my favorite kind of delusional nutjobs. I know Dopers have a soft spot for the Young Earth Creationists, but I think the whole “willing to go to jail for my delusions” makes this a special case.

The bottom line is that anyone who claims that you don’t have to pay taxes is wrong. If you don’t pay your taxes the government will throw you in jail. Whether they are fascist tyrants for putting you in jail is beside the point. You WILL go to jail.

Tax protestors believe in a contradiction. On the one hand, the current US government is tyrannical and regularly spits on the US constitution. On the other hand, all you have to do is point out that they don’t have the right to collect taxes and those same fascists will apologize and let you go.

In a real fascist country, the fascists do whatever they like. The laws as written are worth nothing, what matters is what the masters order. You think Saddam Hussein would have let you go if you dug out a copy of the Iraqi constitution and showed the Revolutionary Guards the clause that guaranteed freedom of speech? No, they’d just laugh and beat you harder.

Tax protestors Ed and Elaine Brown are still holed up on their property, believe it or not. (GD threads.)

Well, the IRS might take exception to not being #1 :wink:

They don’t spell it out as plainly. Congress, in it’s “infinite wisdom” :dubious: actually passed a law saying that the IRS can’t use the term “Tax protestor”. :rolleyes:

The “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” made IRS employees into the group pf employees with the least rights of all. Sure, “assaulting a taxpayer” should be grounds for termination, but it is only the IRS where such is actually mandated by Congress. Along with cruising through confidential info (sure, it’s bad if the
IRS does it, but why isn’t it just as bad if the Soc Security Admin or FBI does it?)

Actually, they are unlikely to throw you in jail - they save jail for people who are encouraging others in ‘tax protest’ or are egregious and public. Simple tax protestation will just get a lien on any income or property. People HAVE managed to successfully avoid the IRS by not ever getting paid in anything but cash and not holding property. Unless its a significant amount of income (or income thats been gained illegally, the IRS is still fond of the Al Capone method of catching gangsters), they won’t bother too much - they will, however, charge interest and penalties until there is no way to pay, so don’t take up tax protestation when you are young unless you are certain you want to live that way for the rest of your life (its worse than a tattoo) - its really an old people’s hobby.

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The US income tax is timid compared to some of the expansions of federal power that have been interpreted into existence by various SC rulings. Imagine- having to formally amend the Constitution simply to give the federal government the legal authority to do something? How quaint!