America needs Emancipation Day as a National Holiday

You have a point.

(If, and only if, there isn’t an obvious difference between slave ownership and genocide on one hand and improper citation on the other.)

Anyone ever notice how if you bring up the horrible evils committed by Washington or Columbus, some ******** has to say, but MLK copied his thesis or cheated on his wife?

It’s like they just can’t help themselves. I wonder what causes them to resort to a non sequitur attack on one of the most respected black men to ever live.

You know, until the recently enacted Juneteenth holiday, America never really “celebrated”, with a holiday, the end of slavery. So you just want it to be a different day?

I’m thinking the reason some people want the holiday to be a different day is to diminish its importance.

That was very politely stated, and you have my respect.

Excuse me but it was not a non sequitur attack. You were saying some people didn’t deserve a “day”. I said we don’t judge people by the worst thing they did. Why did I pick King? Well only three people have their own day among US holidays, Washington, Columbus, and King. You only mentioned two of them. Furthermore I did say that it wasn’t as bad a crime.

? He owned slaves. As did a lot of people back then. People had just started to say how bad it was.

Without Washington, we’d have no America, and maybe no democracy.

Judging people in the past by the standards of today is a evil thing to do.

We will be judged as we ate meat, and enslaved dolphins and chimps.

Columbus was celebrated for something that was a bs accomplishment, so his morals don’t even come into the equation.

Washington and MLK are both celebrated for things almost, but not completely, tangential to their failings. If MLK had been an original teacher then his rhetoric deserves more credit. Similarly, the rebellion was primarily, but not entirely, meant for independence from Britain and not ensuring that all men are treated equally despite those hollow words, so owning or not owning slaves doesn’t matter to the greatness for which Washington is known for because the rebellion wasn’t even meant to change the social order anyway: it was meant to replace the people at the top with new people at the top.

Imagine the amount of hate in a person’s heart to defend George Washington’s slave owning after the BLM movement.

I’m sick of statements like this. Yes people from the past did bad things. But they are not being honored BECAUSE of those bad things. Can you not see the distinction?. If you can’t, well I guess you can continue to live in your black & white world while we will live in our shades of gray one.

These are the same gasps we hear on Fox News. There’s a new world coming.

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Yup! No slave in the entire history of slavery ever had even the tiniest complaint about being a slave.
Also, no non-slave in the history of slavery ever said ‘Damn, if there’s one thing I really don’t want to be is a slave’.

That’s not fair at all. I think the argument that it should be December 18 instead of June 19 only enhances its importance.

The arguments to the contrary are unavailing. As far as Independence Day, if there was a serious argument that it should be July 2 instead of July 4, then I would think it is fair to dismiss that as nitpickery. Whether the day it was voted upon or officially adopted is the correct day is a matter of semantics. If the argument was that it should be June 17 or June 21 for whatever reason then the argument should be dismissed.

With holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, those dates were never held to be historical ones. When we celebrate Thanksgiving, we are not celebrating any anniversary of the feast between the Pilgrims and the Indians nor are we pretending to. With Christmas, nobody believes that December 25 is the literal birth day of Jesus.

But June 19th is being pushed as the historical date that slavery ended in the United States. There is a lot of ignorance of history in this country, and this only perpetuates it. Slavery ended in Texas on June 19, 1865. It ended in West Virginia on February 3, 1865 and we have a “Freedom Day” proclamation on that date each year. To celebrate June 19 as the day that slavery ended wholesale and as repeated in a lot of news articles, spreads the false narrative that slavery was only ended because of the wonderful Union Army that cast this thing out of the south.

It takes the entire nation off of the hook by demonizing one region. And, although I don’t believe this was its purpose, it takes the President’s home state off the hook as being the last bastion of slavery.

If you want a general holiday, say August 1, then fine. But to choose a specific date and claim historical significance, get it right.

You do not have a unique insight here. Everyone understands that slavery was wrong. Nobody needs to be educated on this issue.

Being targeted by the police, having inadequate access to education and healthcare, losing access to the polls; these are more important issues to Black people in America in 2021 than slavery is.

By whom? I admit I haven’t been paying attention to what a lot of people are saying, but I haven’t heard anyone claiming this.

People Magazine

Fox News


Can you show me where anyone is saying that June 19th is the historical date that slavery ended in the US?

“This year is the 156th anniversary of the holiday, which marks the end of slavery in the United States”

Marking the end of slavery is not the same thing as claiming that it happened on that historical date.