America needs Emancipation Day as a National Holiday

“There is no historical reason to make June 19 a federal holiday or even a state holiday anywhere other than in Texas. It does, however, allow for a good summer celebration. And it’s better than no commemoration at all.”

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What exactly is your point? That you want to be pedantic and celebrate on the day of the ratification of the 13th Amendment… in December?

The whole reason Juneteenth became popular was because it was an existing celebration for the end of slavery (in Texas, where it originated), that was adopted as the de-facto celebration for the end of slavery because there were people already celebrating it, it’s a grassroots African-American celebration without any white involvement, and it’s a nice time of year for a celebration.

December 6 sucks for a holiday. In many parts of the country it’s really cold, and even in Texas and other Southern states, it’s cold enough to be unpleasant. June 19th is usually not SO hot, yet still summery.

AIUI, December 6th is already observed as a sort of thingy in some places. I think it is called “St. Nick’s Day” or something like that, a sort of prelude to Xmas. Never made note of it when I was young, though. Perhaps it is largely regional.

Celebrate both (Juneteenth and Emancipation Day). Get rid of Washington Birthday, 4 July, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving to free up some holidays.

Nevermind-I thought you were being serious.

I am being serious. Thesr are gross holidays. Washington owned slaves. Columbus committed acts of genocide. 4 July ignores the slaves. Thanksgiving celebrates the destruction the Natives (by implication).

This is classic racist behavior. Just say, “oh you can’t be serious” to calls for justice.

Note: I didn’t call you a racist. I said your behavior is racist.

I’m surprised you left out Christmas Day there. It’s obviously unconstitutional. Also, don’t forget our two soldier worship holidays that should be eliminated or at least combined.

And the thing is that it’s already been decided. For whatever reason June 19th is what we’re going with and I don’t understand the vehement insistence from some circles that it must be a different date because this one isn’t accurate enough.

Yeah, this is a non-starter.

So, Juneteenth it is, then. Glad that’s settled.

The conspiracy theory side of my brain thought exactly that when pondering the broad based support for Juneteenth in Congress. “What, another federal holiday? We just added Juneteenth! Pretty soon it will be the freakin’ Catholic feast calendar!”

Whereas I don’t understand why you don’t understand. The motivation seems screamingly obvious to me.

Nope. I’m busy that day.

Yes, exactly.

I was listening to SXM Patriot on the Thursday or Friday before the 19th. I think it was Hannity’s show. They had a guy pointing out how slavery didn’t really end until December, and contrasting that against ‘Juneteenth was the day the last slaves were freed’ was the main thrust of the segment.

To their credit, both the host and the guest stated that a day to celebrate emancipation is fine and good, and even desirable. Ostensibly they only wanted to fight the misconception that June 19 1865 was the end of slavery in the U.S.


If another day had been chosen those racist idiots would have found a reason to be against it.

This is a bad idea.

There are dozens of issues the Democrats should be working on that are far more important than creating a second holiday to celebrate the end of slavery. They should instead be doing something now that will be the cause for a holiday in a hundred years.

I’m all for jacking into the 'dopeNet in 100 years and having no-one to talk to 'cos y’all are off celebrating Choice Day or Universal Health Day or some such thing.

Mod note: I don’t understand the distinction you are trying to make. Saying someone is behaving like a racist is awfully close to calling them a racist. Don’t do that.

A holiday on December 17th? Whatever the official reason, the retailers would quickly take it over as “one-week-left shopping day”.

And Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. plagiarized portions of his doctoral dissertation and other works. Perhaps not a serious crime, but certainly a series fault for an academic degree. We tend not to judge people by the worst of their “qualities”.